Socialite Marks The Toilet Paper to Make Certain Her Black Maid Isn&#39t Using Her Bathroom

In the sixties, an aspiring author decides to interview a dozen of African-American maids to create a e-book about their ordeals though operating for white people.

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49 replies on “Socialite Marks The Toilet Paper to Make Certain Her Black Maid Isn&#39t Using Her Bathroom”

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Cecilia was my favorite character in this movie. She was the definition of beautiful, inside and out. The fact that she was never horrible to Minny once, she treated her as her equal and friend.
She was ahead of her time and the fact people treated her as an outcast because of one petty bitch, honesty Johnny and Minny were lucky people to have her in their lives.

if you have a great grandmother/grandfather who was racist man good thing she/he died i have no regret saying this cause racist people should not be loved unless they changed

I hope yall in these comments who loved this movie recognize this is real and still impacts Black ppl today. Think about the pure privilege it is to watch the movie and have no family who lived like that. To be able to separate yourself like that, is a privilege. So if you watched that movie, and all you got from it was "it's so sad" , "at least some white ppl were good people for that time period" , or "I loved those actresses" you missed the point. You're either racist or anti racist. If you sat back to be entertained by Black trauma and have no conviction to be anti racist, you're part of the problem. You continue the same yt supremacist ideas that created everything you see in that movie. So watch the movie, but think about what you're actually doin for Black ppl. Bc watching movies about our trauma doesn't do shit.

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