So I guess these individuals dwell a couple of doors down from me….

So I guess these people are living a number of doorways down from me….

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“I’ve been practicing my archery and thought I’d try out the ole flaming arrow trick. Sorry.”

Great example of why freedom of speech is fantastic. I wanna know the person a few doors down is a mega cunt. Nothing worse than making an effort to be nice to a Nazi

I’m an atheist but I would rock a star of David flag in retaliation. Just to annoy the shit out of him until he says something.

There’s that saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but I’m having a hard time applying that here

Crazy thing is , some of the people just use these Hate relics to feel strong, or A part of something. Most of the actual “Real Deal” racist (the ones who are practicing for a race war, and organizing) have standards! Even in prison. Some times you’re dealing with a confused panty waste who just happens to be “white” . Keep your head up, and your gun close.

I keep seeing more and more similar post lately….is this a movement against the goverment by idiots who don’t understand what they do, or are they truly trying to bring the Nazi back as USA’s allies

Gee there’s been a lot of unexplained housefires round here lately.

Ah well, catch you later, neighbour. You take care of you, you hear?

Fly the Hammer and Sickle, then turn the eastern part of their house into a smoldering crater…

Do meth addicts love Nazi’s because Hitler was a big supporter of using meth? Or, or do Nazi’s become meth addicts so they can be more like Hitler? Hmmm….

Reminds me of “Garden Song” by Phoebe Bridgers

“And when your skinhead neighbor goes missing, I’ll plant a garden in the yard… Everything’s growing in our garden. You don’t have to know it’s haunted”

Gotta meet the neighbours… They are the Hitlers’. They’ve got a huge gas BBQ & oven in their backyard. They apparently don’t like anyone who is different from them. I think that I should move away to somewhere else…. Somewhere saner & safer.

Wow I was gonna ask “Is this Oregon?” Checked OP’s post history… why I’m I not surprised this is in Oregon?

Well truth be told the Kreigsmarine was definitely the LEAST murderous/genocidal/final solution-y wing of the nazis….so…that’s gotta stand for something right??

What do you mean “my love and obsession with the film Das Boot is affecting my judgment”???

You know what’s funny to me is all the people who wish the nazis won, would’ve been some of the first to be sterilized if not outright killed. Dumbasses.

So to fly a flag of a political party we went to war with isn’t domestic terrorism? Whats the difference between flying this flag and that of isis?

There’s freedom of speech and then there’s treason flying the flag of a nation hostile to the United States among other nations.

This goes unpunished while someone smoking weed is sitting in jail for 10 years somewhere.

Where I live, they have just passed a law that makes it illegal to show, draw, spray paint, etc a swastika

I’m surprised America allows this wish we would take the German stance on it legally.

Too many people died is this war

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