So adorable ❤️

So adorable ❤️

So adorable ❤️ from MadeMeSmile

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It is saying, “That’s me Mom…look!” Now, put its paws on the walk of fame ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes)

Either the dog is super stoked to see himself on the TV or he recognized the baby but not self and kind of jumped in defensive act to protect the baby. I suspect more of the latter.

I’ll be the party pooper here. I don’t think he recognized himself in the TV. He probably recognized the baby though and wanted to make sure that she is okay with that other stranger dog…

Now he’s gonna freakout to a video of himself freaking out to a video of himself. And this shall continue for eternity

I keep seeing all these videos of dogs reacting to tv but I’ve been living with a family that’s had like 7 dogs over the years and never once did any of them give a shit about dogs on tv or anything like that. They just act like it’s not even on

I am so impressed by the air that dog gets and how it manages to not knock anything off those shelves! So adorable.

Can’t wait for the endless loop of him seeing himself on the news after this reaction makes it to the news. Then on and on.

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