Snapping turtles are essentially dinosaurs. Virtually stepped on this male (which would have been probably a lot more steel)

Snapping turtles are basically dinosaurs. Virtually stepped on this dude (which would have been potentially much more steel)

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27 replies on “Snapping turtles are essentially dinosaurs. Virtually stepped on this male (which would have been probably a lot more steel)”

I’ve never thought about it but you’re so right! This turtle’s face is certainly Cretaceous haha

We saw a huge one crossing a road yesterday and my daughter said, “*Wait stop, we always help turtles get across the road!*” I then explained I couldn’t pick that big boi up much less keep my fingers! Beautiful though!

“I have seen your ancestors, human. You cannot impress me nor do you intimidate me.” The snapping turtle sneered as it peered deep into your soul.

Not really. Turtles are the outgroup to archosaurs. Birds and crocodiles are the extant ingroup.

Archosauria was (and is) a large clade of diapsida. It includes Avemetatarsalia (birds and their extinct relatives, including dinosaurs) and Pseudosuchia (crocodilians and their extinct relatives). Pantestudines (turtles and they’re extinct relatives) is the outgroup.

So you could say that turtles are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs after birds and crocodiles, but that actually makes them pretty distant relatives. Closer than snakes and lizards, tho.

I still remember the time I rescued a bunch of baby snappers from a hawk. We have this one turtle that lays her eggs in either our garden or our mulch pile when we get a delivery. Cute little things. Doesn’t make ya realize they grow up to be these things that can bite your fingers clean off

I still have all of my toes, thankfully. I took a few photographs of this guy while out scouting for deer. I wish I had a different lens with me – at the time all I had was my 500mm. Wasn’t expecting to get this close to anything!

That’s the fun part of wildlife photography though: the unexpected encounters. I do have [a website]( with more of my photographs if wildlife / nature is your thing. Thanks for checking it out, and thank you all for the funny commentary.

These turtles are mean ah too I tried to save one from getting run over and almost lost a hand and the ones here are HUGE

That looks like the less bitey common snapper, too, not the more ornery alligator snapper.

I rescued a baby snapper who was crossing a road toward a creek in my old neighborhood. Very small guy.

He was too small to really bite me so he dropped a big piss on me. I’ll still give him credit for being a bit metal in his own way. I guess.

As a kid in the rural sticks of north GA living on an active deep ravine creek w a really fertile wildlife culture my folks paid an elderly gentleman to come get the snappers out of the creek. He would then sell em for their meat. I still remember the first time I had turtle stew.

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