Smoke is a liquid

Smoke is a liquid

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Fluid dynamics is used to describe the flow of fluids and gases. While smoke isn’t necessary a gas, it’s at the mercy of gases.

How does this incense burner ~~effect~~ affect the odor of a space if the smoke just pools underneath?

This title reminds me of titles like “watch this person LITERALLY defy gravity” and then no one defies gravity.

Smoke is minute solid particle suspended in a gas. Like an emulsion is a gas in a liquid. If it’s more dense than the gas around it, it will sink. You can float a paper boat on a tub of co2.

Most people are talking about the error in the title. But I am wondering how this works? I am guessing it is cooled so the smoke sinks instead of rises?

As cool as these look, the slightest breeze, or walking past them fucks it up.

And the residue they leave is crazy.

We had one, novelty wore off quick. Back to just incense and oils that simply ‘work’

I have one of those, but not the same statue. They are so nice to look at, but I highly recommend cleaning around where you burn one after you’re done with it because it can leave a weird oil coating

Smoke is a colloid which is one form of matter suspended in another form of matter, in this case a solid suspended in a gas. Mayonnaise is another common colloid of solids suspended in a liquid that doesn’t actually mix.

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