Skaven never……hatch suitable? anything odd is going on in Ulgu

Skaven do not……hatch right? anything weird is happening in Ulgu

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these are probably special skaven put into those pods by eshin to undergo some sort of transformation in harrowdeep. Given that they talked about shadow demons and old gods I’d guess that these skaven are a ‘new’ breed of eshin assassin.

Removed the untrue part

Optimist: A whole new skaven range, or at least a rework of Clan Moulder!

Pessimist: A wacky riff on skaven that will only ever exist as this warband (see also: electro-zombies and pirate ogor)


I hope for more of the former than the latter!

Booo I was hoping we would actually get soemthing about Malerion’s faction finally. Guess I have to keep waiting.

I think I remember something about albino ratmen being blessed by the great horned rat. Only greyseers and stormvermin are albino. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So it is fairly safe I think for us all to agree Skaven are getting a warband and given the timing on their road map they will be one half of the new core set.
The other half? I still think Aelves of the shadowy variety.
They showed a pic of a Khainite looking character, so new DoK warband? (won’t say no to that), they have mentioned shadow daemons… Well both Morathi and Malerion have associated with such creatures in lore so could now be either DoK or are we seeing the launch of the Umbraneth? Or with the timing, just after a battlebox and an upcoming tome is the new DoK battletome actually going to be the Umbraneth? Hmm that’s not likely I suspect they will be separate factions. Of course we could have a curve ball, maybe we will get a shadow Daemon warband 🤔🤔 could still work for Umbraneth.
I am leaning towards Aelves but still not sure what version of.

They might be changing their lore? because IIRC they reproduce by enslaving all the females, drug them to unconsciousness, rape them and use their bodies as ratmen factories.

Considering today’s sensibilities, this *might* be seen as a tad insensitive. IDK.

Clan Eshin tactic against Lizardmen. Replace the baby lizard with a hidden skaven assassin then they hatch at the same time “surprise mfers!”.

GW probably making a new race of rat people without remembering they already had another race of rat people.

This could be a corruption of the Katophrane Curse. Is that still a thing in Harrowdeep? I’m not too current with the lore.

These Skaven look swole AF. Lats for days. Possible new Rat Ogres or something new.? An elite shock troop perhaps. They look different than the Eshin skaven teased earlier.

Hopefully Rat Daemons! The Great Horned Rat has ascended to a full chaos god. He already has his greater daemons mucking about, hopefully these are the smaller ones

Oh man please be a sign of things to come. They mentioned mischief in regards to chaos when they talked about the next army update
(a group of rats is called a mischief)

It’s going to be really funny if Skaven just hatch from eggs now because someone found the Broodmother thing offensive lol.

I mean, Skaven hatching from eggs is probably better then how Skaven normally reproduce.

Like, from what I understand and have read thru probably not a lot of reliable sources, Skaven Birthing Pits give the impression of being on par with 40K’s Daemonculaba! Which, is not good so…..yeah lol.

I won’t lie, I love that Skaven make Daemons and Dark Elves/Dark Elder so much nicer then what they can conceivably be considered!

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