Skaters soar cops in Columbia following getting ruthlessly run more than by them

Skaters jump cops in Columbia just after being ruthlessly run about by them

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33 replies on “Skaters soar cops in Columbia following getting ruthlessly run more than by them”

Lmao look at that tough guy run away like the coward he us. r/iamatotalpieceofshit vibes, and if this was a civilian they’d be choked by a knee or two in seconds.

Edited because I put u/iamatotalpieceofshit which is quite hilarious

Was anyone else expecting the skater to jump the cop like as a ramp/trick or do I just need more caffeine

He deserved that ass whoopin. They need to play this in the cops morning meeting every skate day. Take the fucking air out of them a little bit.

I like how skaters are like: oh boomerang time *throws skateboard*

Also this was very disturbing

This is Colombia 🇨🇴like the South American country, and not Columbia like the US place(s).

Edited for stupidity.

Damn. One hit with a skateboard is brutal. Getting a beatdown like that has got to be torture.

They were piling on the motorcycle at the end. When the camera pans from the cop running away, you can see the yellow helmet at the bottom being chased, while the mob totals the bike.

I had the smirk of a mad man on my face watching the cop get pelted with boards while he drove away. I wished one would’ve hit the front wheel just right.

The other cop had no issues abandoning his jackass buddy. Police 10/10 quality material right there.

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