Simpsons did it

Simpsons did it

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Isn’t pollution doing that already? I mean, that’s what *I* heard. And wouldn’t the ensuing cold be just as bad if not worse?

All we need is a really big parasol, and few million women to prop it up on their collective shoulders and spin it around.

We just need to put a giant ice cube into the ocean every now and then. That will solve the problem once and for all.

I see snowpiercer in our future. Anybody got a spare train they can start retrofitting now and where can I buy a ticket

It’s one of those things that the scientists keep warning about but no one wants to believe them so they have to go to plan B

The movie Don’t look up is great.

How in the fuck are we going to dim a massive ball of fire 109 times larger than the earth.

I didn’t realize pollution is caused by capitalism. I guess communist nations such as China just managed to make all their factories pollution free.

We need regulation, which nearly all economists recognize is necessary in any economic system.

Sounds like what we did in the movie The Matrix to keep the AI from getting its power from the sun. That went swimmingly for them.

This seems like a situation where scientists are like “we have been telling yall for decades this shit is coming. And you didn’t listen. So it has come to this.”

Communism is the only ideology so far that drained a whole sea dry. Capitalism is flawed, but stop pinning every single issue on it.

For the idiots out there, there are many non-capitalistic countries out there polluting just as much. It’s not about capitalism, but rather proper regulation and accounting for the true costs for that widget you so desire.

Nerd moment: in 1815 when Mt Tambora erupted, it launched ash into the atmosphere causing global cooling. Google “the year without summer”. Not saying this is a good way to stop climate change, but it was a similar effect that happened naturally

Did the impact of less cars on the roads during Covid have any measurable
Impact on global warming

Turns out It was just an Asian guy saying he wanted Dim Sum and the CNN reporter got excited thinking it was a story worth writing about.

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