Shame if this got spammed all over the internet.

Shame if this got spammed all over the internet.

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They must have some damning evidence. I always wondered how she changed her image and became a congressperson after I think Ted Cruz discovered her. There is an article on that somewhere if anyone has a link. Either way this wouldn’t change my opinion of her as all I need to know is that when she speaks she is a very vile person to wards most Americans.


“Joe Biden molests kids”

“Hillary eats babies and murdered Seth Rich”

“Bill Gates caused the pandemic”

“All Democrats are grooming Satanic pedophiles”


“Lauren Boebert had an affair with a Nazi” (which is actually true EDIT; who the fuck knows if it’s “true” or not, it probably is but who even gives a shit at this point, let them take their own medicine)



You fuckers *started this shit*, don’t get butthurt when it’s thrown back in your dumb faces

What’s that old phrase, something about laying down with dogs, getting up with fleas? Son, you don’t even have to sleep with this one it’s so nasty. You lay there with it, you’ve got yourself a flea infestation that’s gonna itch and then make festering smelly sores and the vet may eventually have to put you down. RIP.
Oh well.

I don’t care if it’s true or not. She deserves this. She spreads baseless lies all the time without thought or consequence. This is just karma for her and for him for supporting her.

If it’s true, good.

If it’s not true, good.

It’s just hilarious to me how Lauren and MTG try to appeal to religious but Trumpies when the last thing they would want is for a women to have governmental power over them. If we actually got to the point Lauren and MTG want us at they would be removed from office for their sex.

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