Searching for feedback on a poster i built just after battling with productiveness and mental blocks.

Hunting for comments on a poster i created soon after having difficulties with productiveness and psychological blocks.

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Managed to make this poster yesterday after being frustated for a long time and unable to do any personal work outside of my job for the past 2-3 months. Looking for feedback in regards to what sort of improvements can be made to the layout or the type treatment, and want to know if the poster does a good job on articulating the frustration.

This is killer. I might suggest to make it a little taller, like standard poster maybe? That’s only for the sake of mock-ups, etc. I’m also thinking that bottom tag could use some help with readability. Them all being separated reads a little awkward instead of two statements like it’s meant to read but love the aesthetic of the 4 small words spaced out.

Just some ideas, I think it looks really good as is too.

(Edit: and now I’m second guessing the text part. Maybe that really helps with the theme of this poster)

The design is great, very punchy and bold. The “reject productivity embrace procrastination” slogan is cool, but it’s very reminiscent of “reject modernity embrace tradition” which is a neo-fascist slogan. I’m not saying not to use it, just be aware of it so you’ll have a smart response if someone asks about it.

I’m really not 100% sure on how who bad it is but I remember reading about it a couple years back. I’ve been googling to try to find the origin but It’s been so memeified that I’m actually having trouble finding it, which is deeply frustrating because 1.) I’m pretty sure it has some dark historical ties and 2.) It’s unsettling that a fascist slogan is such a huge meme. Maybe I’m imagining it 🤷🏻‍♂️😂? Idk

Lol anyways xD great design!

I think the colors, the style, the composition and overall aesthetic works really well.

Just one thing. Maybe it’s precisely your point, but if it were me, for the “nothing” I would try to either use a very different font from “just do” or try to use the same one. It looks like you couldn’t find that one and you used a similar font, and kind of tried to disguise it. I don’t know if this makes sense at all.

It’s cool and well done you should just iterate on the top. Rather than cross out the Nike logo, try to think of a way to subvert it. It’s dumb and I’m stoned but I was just thinking about flipping it upside down and making a frowny face.

Otherwise I get too much of a nihlist “global warming is gonna kill me so fuck the sea turtles” vibe.

Possible alt idea. If just ‘just do nothing’ is the copy wouldn’t it make more sense to turn two swooshes into an X? Might provide more opportunities to place the letterforms in a way that evokes ‘procrastination’.

Also I feel like ‘nothing’ needs to reflect ‘mental health’ more. I like the different weights you used, maybe there is something along those lines that you can push further. Execution is cool btw. Grungy displacement works well with the concept.

Another thing, maybe you can do something more with the small copy at the bottom. I feel that that can be more expressive. Right now it feels like it is anchored to the bottom and not cohesive with the rest of the poster.

It looks very good, only thing that I would probably change is the position of the Nike logo. I would put it in the middle of the poster, but maybe that’s just a personal preference

I absolutely love this. One suggestion. Have you considered putting the Nike icon inside the red circle with the diagonal strike through as in the standard No Smoking signs?

Really love the concept!! Especially coming from a creativity perspective and constantly dealing with constant creativity blocks myself.

Since you are already playing with the text and theme of ‘ just do it ‘ why not try using the it and changing it into nothing. So keeping the IT in the same text and use a different text to turn it into nothing almost written over same as the logo. I can see you have also gone for a similar theme and idea.

You can even play with the smudges that you have created to change the word. I really liked the way the ‘damage’ of the poster really brings out the emotion and frustration that one feels when going through these road blocks. I agree to maybe increase the margins around the text and logo, you can even then play with increasing the size of nothing ever so slightly to further show the frustration of being blocked.

Love the slogan at the bottom it really makes you think even with its ‘meme’ background. I think it works perfectly.

Just a beginner designer myself. Excited to try giving a critique and help in anyway I can. Hopefully you can help me with my designs soon.

I’m really digging the design and love what I’m guessing is a satirical spin on the whole embrace tradition slogan? Keep up the good work, it feels well done and I hope to see more from you!

Cool! Not perfectly balanced, but looks interesting. I think that it’s one of the most famous phrase that designers tell themselves in mind.

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