Samurai From 19th Century Awakens In These days&#39s Japan

A samurai imprisoned in 1863 falls asleep and awakens in present day Japan.

Film Identify= S4MUR4I Feeling1
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36 replies on “Samurai From 19th Century Awakens In These days&#39s Japan”

There was another Japanese movie I watched last year, "A Boy and His Samurai" (Chonmage Pudding). It was also about a samurai time-traveled to modern day. Pretty amusing as well.

Basically a part of the main protagonist from Kuromukuro character arc but without any of the cool stuff.
The "guy from the past suddenly wakes up in the present" trope has been done a few times already but almost none of those instances come close to the one depicted by Kuromukuro. Not tryna spoil it but "Ken" has some difficulties adjusting at first but then he figures it out and adapts to life in the present. It's a most interesting and amusing process to watch. Definitely more interesting than the boring hogwash that is Samurai Sensei.

Honestly, japanese people should stick to just making anime. This sh1t is so pepenga and boring that you're lucky if you don't fall asleep more than once. It's just bad.

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