Russia Will Restart Moon Landings, Claims Putin

Russia Will Restart Moon Landings, Suggests Putin

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33 replies on “Russia Will Restart Moon Landings, Claims Putin”

Ah yeah this is a reliable person to trust and I’m sure they will do this. I mean it’s not like they got anything else major to deal with and theirs so many reasons to go to the moon.

is the N1 gonna make a comeback? The space historian in me is pumped but we all know this isn’t going anywhere.

We’re whalers on the Moon,
We carry a harpoon,
But there ain’t no whales, so we tell tall tales,
And sing a whaling tune.

The article seems to me to suggest it would be a return to robotic landings on the moon. Everyone in the comments suggests it is a manned landing on the moon.

That’s his Cold War nostalgia talking. Since he kickstarted Cold War 2 it only makes sense that he’s going to try to race the US to the Moon, again

With what *money?* 😂 This is the kind of empty promise that kids make when running for student council. “Everything is fine, we’re winning the war, we’re going back to the moon, free pizza parties on Friday and less homework!”

If anyone were to ever fake a moon landing, it would be Russia under Putin. So should be fun to watch.

Russia and America fighting a semi proxy war?

Russia trying to go to the Moon?

White nationalist in Congress?

Man, the 60s were wild.

“We will start refining our global strike ICBMs… … …

I mean, restart our moon programs. Yes. That.”

Prepare for a 40 mile convoy now stuck on moon, heading to the Apollo landing site. Will be visible from the earth.

“Historically the moon has always belonged to russia! We just want to save the moon people from killing themselves.”

I think as the effects of heavy sanctions start to mature, this is increasingly unlikely. Russia just defaulted on their foreign debts for the first time in over 100 years, what makes anyone think they could afford a moon program? Its either maximum delusion or a distraction aimed at their citizens. I am suspecting the later.

Maybe they can borrow a broomstick from the Americans? Or get on their knees and beg the Chinese to help them? Russia hasn’t landed on the moon for 50 years and doesn’t have a rocket that can even get to the moon. This is just Putin trying to project power he simply doesn’t have. What a joke. Maybe his scientists are afraid to tell him they don’t have any rockets.

Anyone familiar with the current state of the russian space program will either laugh or cry at this announcement

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