Rudy Dodges Jan. 6 Investigation, Trump Calls Pence a “F—ing Loser”: A Closer Seem

Seth will take a nearer glance at President Trump’s former secretary of defense expressing Trump wanted to shoot protesters and referred to as his very own senior officers, including Vice President Mike Pence, “f—ing losers.”

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Rudy Dodges Jan. 6 Investigation, Trump Known as Pence a “F***ing Loser”: A Closer Look – Late Evening with Seth Meyers

Late Night time with Seth Meyers


26 replies on “Rudy Dodges Jan. 6 Investigation, Trump Calls Pence a “F—ing Loser”: A Closer Seem”

It is always the Republican Party operates like calling everyone communists that don't agree with them and they're the ones are communists baking that Washington, DC as Moscow and our women are not Moscow Cow that are just on this planet debris babies if they are raped or because of incest . The republican party's and know nothing about pro life because if they did pro means given one the best of everything and their wives important of the day they die of old age but they have no respect for people we are nothing but cattle . And they will lie out their teeth any which way and to divide America and try to get people to vote for them and people had to be halfway stupid to be voting for them because they do not know who the definition of words and they're gonna boss people around. We don't need imbeciles to representing the American people .

8:37 and you mr esper .. did .. what about it exacty? because you sure did tell anyone let alone the public … … reminds me of how at trial all the high up nazis said it was all hitlers idea and they knew nothing about the death camps….

How much do you want to bet! that not one of the five subpoenaed Republicans shows up for testimony? Perry, Biggs, Brooks, Mccarthy, and Jordan? I say every one of them will be in contempt of court! or plead the fifth! We have a lot of republican criminals in our government and 9 dead Police officers without a single person charged with a single murder yet 9 are dead and 20 disabled !Do we let them off for murder just because they are rich and hiding the murderers for the Russians !!!!! Remember Brian Sicknick! Brian would have shown and so will all Democrats!

"Oh Rudy – you've done it again" – Seth, we cannot thank you enough for that one – every time I encounter his name that's the initial (and only) response in my head – it feels great! Keep 'em coming, Bro….

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!
When shooting yourself in the foot using a machine gun; however, while screaming in obvious pain, Rudy begins reloading SHOUTING, "MY FEET ARE MOCKING ME"!
What a Dumba$$

Wasn't the "can't you just shoot them (in the leg or something)" reported not long after the event?

It's sickening that these ass faces come out with books to profit on that sh!t show in which they, too, participated. And the media (all of the idiots from any channel and newspaper across the board) are all too happy to give them time which will then push book sales. Anyone who can say with a straight face the media is "liberal" (CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, etc.) is just dumb or pushing propaganda. All media wants is eyeballs for ratings to sell ad time. And that's the only bottom line for any corporation anywhere–to make a profit. And the constant slime the outlets put out has the same purpose. I don't know how anyone can watch for even 5 minutes (starting with my own parents). And that doesn't include how low beyond low people have gone using social media. We sure love scams, especially when we're the ones being scammed or sold. 🤯

Dump ALL incumbents.
1) incumbents are stupid, petty people 2) incumbents take orders from their handlers 3) incumbents are self-centered, selfish 4) incumbents got us to where we are — a horrible place 5) incumbents would lead us to destruction with a smug grin 6) etc.

These are CONGRESSIONAL subpoenas. If they were federal judicial subpoenas, a U. S. Marshall would give the obligatory Tommy Lee Jones houses speech, then they would Release The Hounds.

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