Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan) Performs a New Western Series!

Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan) Performs a New Western Series!

Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan) Performs a New Western Series! from reddeadredemption

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Hey r/reddeadredemption!

The mods gave me permission to post this on Roger Clark’s behalf, since he doesn’t have a Reddit. He dropped this yesterday, debuting the book trailer for [**COLD AS HELL**](**, coming out 5/24/22**, our new Western Fantasy Series about a demon hunter named James Crowley, by #1 the Audible bestselling duo, myself, Rhett C. Bruno, & Jaime Castle (*Dead Acre, The Buried Goddess Saga, Luna Missile Crisis*)

Here it is on Roger’s personal youtube! Check it out: []( 

Listened to the first one. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to a bit of a longer story this time. Dead Acer is just long enough to wet you’re appetite

Is this book from a franchise/series? Like are there other books set in the same universe? Can someone point to them?

I loved the prequel story. Been excited about this ever since. The narration is a must have!

I prefer reading books instead of listening to them but if Roger Clark is going to read me a story, I am god damn sold on it.

As long as I saw the The Witcher here somewhere I am hooked immediately

My dream crossover would defo be something with witcher and rdr

Hired him as a narrator cause no western fan will ever get tired of his voice and because he’s a big name in western stuff right now

I loved Dead Acre. It was well written and well narrated although I felt the story could easily have been longer given the number of concepts that are introduced there.

I really liked Crowley’s self-doubt as he doesn’t know what will happen to his body and mind if he’s burned or decapitated etc. The prequal gives him plenty of opportunity to ponder his limitations. The narration is top notch also. There are parallels to Arthur in that he’s a bad guy who is trying to redeem himself without really knowing if he’s done enough.

Anyway, don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t given Dead Acre a listen yet. Fans of the supernatural, spiritual, the old west or whodunnits should give it a try.

Welp, now I have something new to listen to while I sew. Sweet. Thanks for posting. Reminds me of when I listened to Jennifer Hale read To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. This would have made a good dlc for the game.

I could listen to that man’s voice for hours. Guess I’m about to get what I wished for, then!

The whole vibe, plus the “Black Badge” name and badge design, reminds me of the game Darkwatch, back on ps2

God, that looks cool. I unfortunately don’t listen to audiobooks, or even have a way to, so I might have to settle for a physical copy. But I want more Roger Clark 🙁 .

He is an amazing voice actor and I imagine he will do an amazing job narrating this. Definitely going to give it a listen.

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