Right now I acquired that you can hear the glacier shifting

These days I figured out that you can listen to the glacier shifting to_the_glacier/

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If you have a subwoofer, the creaking and groaning of the glacier sounds especially creepy and unsettling

I love the burnt forest north-ish of Limpany. You get deeper in there, and usually the background music fades away and you just hear the creaking of trees.

Well you can hear a sound. I really doubt the glacier is moving in game. But still amazing attention to detail.

The sound detail that impressed me first in this game was when you ride a horse on a frozen lake, this noise, so realistic

Seriously, the northernmost (northwest, actually; above Colter) edge of the map is one of the weirdest/creepiest areas of the map. I didn’t go there until my 6th or 7th playthrough, and it was just so eerie.

It really feels like it could be the end of the world… which, of course, it is (in the game, of course).

I just recently discovered this as well. I wondered how known this was. I then lined up a bunch of dynamite hoping it would cause an avalanche but no such luck. That would have been so cool though lol

I feel like if I were a dev for a big game like that, I would try and hide some really cool shit like that.

The more time goes on I think I’ve discovered everything in this game, and someone finds another detail I’ve missed

Every damn day I see something new in this game. Amazing stuff.

Off topic, does anyone know of any potential upgraded RDR2 versions being worked on for PS5?

This is especially creepy when you go off map and you hear it riding through complete flat nothingness

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