Right here buddy, c’mere!

In this article buddy, c’mere!

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Motherfucker’s dog got opposable thumbs yall, we about to get knocked down a few ranks in the food chain.

I don’t know anything about this character other than my kids’ school sent a mass email to all parents today that some of the children are watching and repeating inappropriate things from the tilktoc videos in class.

On a serious note, social animals with less sclera (whites of eye) visible purposefully emote stress or aggression additionally by tensing their eyelid muscles revealing more of the sclera as a ‘flag’. They also use staring contests to intimidate, ones with scleras exposed are more confrontational. Humans, however, have evolved to always have the lids somewhat receded and somewhat small irises relative to the exposed eye surface. We have almost counterintuitively learned to be friendly to eye contact because it effectively conveys microexpressions and allows us hunt with and learn by sight by knowing better where the other is looking.


We have long suspected that humans’ eyes’ big whites are probably playing an optical illusion on animals similar to us standing on 2 legs giving the impression of a cartoonish monster that unnerves them a lot.

Has anyone seen the video where someone is filming as they drive at night, something giant with giant lights do eyes passes them, turns around and comes back from behind.

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