Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Has Been Delayed at Lucasfilm

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Has Been Delayed at Lucasfilm

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Give it a rest Disney

Take some time off and reboot the movie franchise all together

If the do decide to make new trilogies they need to either do Knights of the Old republic or come up with brand new stories set far into the future and not try and connect them to the previous films

Disney greenlit about 3 dozen Star Wars projects 5 years or so ago. Even at the time I was thinking less than half would be finished. This won’t be the last thing they quietly set aside and then cancel entirely.

Since nobody will read past the headline, here’s the original quote from Kathleen Kennedy:

> And the trilogy from The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson that was announced five years ago? Back-burnered. “Rian has been unbelievably busy with Knives Out and the deal that he made at Netflix for multiple movies.”

How about we not have any new Star Wars for like 10 years and tell an original story instead of the next gen of Skywalker.

I liked Rian’s ideas in TLJ. I didn’t like how they were executed. Some of them had a “half-measures” feel while others were too on the nose. A lot of the humor was awkward too. Not convinced he’s the right fit, but willing to give him another chance.

I’ll say this. If they had decided from the get go with the sequel trilogy to stick with one story lead/ director it would have served the movies better.

As much as the Last Jedi is viewed as polarizing, if RJ had been the director from the start, the trilogy would have at least been consistent. Whether bad or good it would have been less of a shit show.

how bout we take another decade off from the movies, and actually get a good, fully fleshed out script next time? oh, and not change the entire leadership every movie. that was dumb, regardless of a persons opinion on the movies quality.

Psssst. Everyone knew this was pulled. They greenlit 18,000 Star War entries years ago and they didn’t pan out sooooooooo…….nobody actually though these were taking place.

Delayed? I thought it got canceled like 2 years ago. Hope it gets canceled for real instead of them pussyfooting about delays lol

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