Reopening before long because of documented brutality on abortion legal rights protesters.

We’re assembling the workforce in anticipation of reopening the sub. There were incidents noted previous evening of police brutality in opposition to abortion legal rights protesters, which unquestionably falls in just the scope of this subreddit.

We will enable you know as we know what we will be ready to do as considerably as the repository goes. Everyday living has moved on for individuals who had plenty of time for this, they really don’t always have the capability to keep track of like we did just before.

Darkish instances, folks — I just never have the text for this.

Edit: everyone who would like to volunteer to support with this work, remember to message the mods listed here:

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20 replies on “Reopening before long because of documented brutality on abortion legal rights protesters.”

Do I need a new passport/ID for living in Gilead? Ugh!! Thanks for reopening this sub!!!

No surprise to see it’s the LAPD. Literally the most corrupt police force in the country. (Source: from LA)

I was just telling my parents that pro-choice protesters will be treated much more harshly than the Jan 6 rioters.

Remember: Roe isn’t just about reproductive rights. It’s one of the pillars of right to privacy. With it falls a lot of protections we increasingly need in the age of cyber integration.

Maybe we should migrate to another sub without the year attached. Seems pointless really. Police we’re brutalizing people well before 2020 and will continue to do so far beyond 2020 as well.

Can yall try to police the posts of police brutality from like 9 years ago that people would post in here all the time?

Wasn’t this sub specifically meant to be an archive of police brutality during the Floyd protests?

I’ve created a similar subreddit over at r/policeaccountability where I started keeping track of all of the various police brutality incidents I saw since they could no longer be recorded here.

I applaud this decision. The name may not reflect present-day events but personally I believe it’s the meaning behind the name that matters. Those of us that were here in 2020 know what we need to do, again.

I was gonna try and make a joke about this sub being back, but the fact that it’s back means that bad shit is happening at the hands of authorities. It’s actually unfortunate.

I am shocked! _shocked!_ the police would open hostilities on a peaceful protest with anti-riot ordnance.

Oh wait, no, I’m not. We totally predicted this outcome.

Time to break out the leaf blowers.

I am sad but glad to see this come back. It’s good to have this all documented. I cannot recall but these clips are being archived somewhere right?

Edit: sorry just checked the sidebar. Yes they are

Also want to say thank you to everyone working on this subreddit. It’s really important. I hope that one day we can look back at these events as a reminder of how archaic things once were and as a reminder to not repeat history

Man what if this literally turns oit to be the basic plot of the handmaid’s tale where they open rifle fire on the unarmed protestors

I hope things settle down but feels like tension is building

Gonna be a wild next few years I think

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