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Centrists “Nothing is black and white”

Rightists and leftists: “Who the fuck let this guy inside”

I’ve never understood the flex of being ready to die on ‘this hill’.

I’m much more worried about the ones who are ready to kill on ‘this hill’.

Or I would be, were I not the one on the hill.

I’m amazed the word “conservative” isn’t banned in reddit yet. Amazing how easy it is to make people follow the hivemind

It has reached the point where, if you say you are a centrist, you’ll have 35 redditors scrutinizing your every word to try and prove you aren’t actually a centrist, and that you are trying to “disguise your political agenda”.

My political opinions on the internet are strictly and categorically Pro-Anti (or Anti-Pro, depending on how you look at it). Whatever your political beliefs are, mine are a complete opposite. Just to piss people off. And I’ll be very vocal about them to amplify the effect

I think all opinions need to be better respected.

But usually people on the right complaining about their views being discriminated about, those views are usually just literally denying facts or bigotry

I’m much more inclined to believe someone on the left or the middle saying the same thing. Cuz usually they mean something along the lines of “actually at some point during pregnancy the fetus does deserve rights, so we need a cutoff point” something along those lines

You have the freedom to comment your conservative opinions and Redditors have the freedom to downvote them, free speech isn’t freedom from the consequences of your speech. Downvoting and moderating bigotry isn’t censorship, a lot of conservatives just have massive persecution complexes.

Which is why I go on conservative subs for a fair discussion between ideology! Well, I would, but but I made the mistake of using the word “social” in a comment…

Just depends on what sub reddits you’re in. They’re are plenty of conservatives on reddit.

Just saying people generally don’t flame you based on your economic opinion, it’s more so those “based” social opinions that your unlikely to share in real life.

I have an opini…

The hill: “they’re blood sacrificing children at the Clinton’s estate, there’s tons of evidence!!!”

“OH no! I’m being censured for my opinions!”

Says someone who has experienced no institutional censorship but doesn’t like it when people call out their shitty opinions

And then they ban you from their conservative subgroup because they don’t agree with you or can’t handle the criticism

I swear to God I can’t fuckin stand conservatives saying they get banned from social media’s. You guys have tons of subreddits for your ideas, they sometimes make it to the popular tab. You guys get banned more for racism, homophobia, transphobia and much more. Telling people to kill themselves because they don’t like there political ideology or opinion happens all the fuckin time and a lot if the time reddit does nothing to these people. Conservatives aren’t banned for being conservative, they’re banned because they hate minorities and tell people to kill themselves all the fuckin time.

I’ve had probability gotten thousands of messages telling me to kill myself, that I should be killed or other similar stuff, almost entirely by conservatives.

If you guys keep complaining about being banned maybe instead of spreading hate and being assholes, you decide to be kind people. It’s not fuckin hard.

Conservatives wouldn’t be so [removed] if their entire political philosophy was just being a cunt to everyone.

Conservatives are like a house cat. They think they are independent, but are completely dependent on a system they don’t understand or appreciate.

Being conservative is not hated on Reddit, being a homophobic racist shit ass is. I have never seen someone with just normal conservative views get downvotes on Reddit, I have however, seen people such as myself with only lightly liberal views get downvoted to hell by a bunch of conservatives lol

why do people who post conservative memes on reddit always have to be so self-victimizing? It couldn’t be any more apparent that their only problems in life are getting downvoted or having their comment deleted

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