Recognized her mistake and laughed it off.

Understood her blunder and laughed it off.

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I think it’s kinda cute, she didn’t roll on the floor and scream when she was the one who was making the mistake. We all make em

In fairness, her car is a Dodge, so it wouldn’t be weird at all for it not to function properly.

Yep it’s my car!

Sometimes you just have those days lol Nice to see them all in a good mood over it.

LPT: Take a picture of your rental car before you walk away from it for the first time. They are usually so bland, it’s easy to confuse it for another car.

We picked up a new car (well nearly new), went shopping and parked in a big car park. Came out and started walking towards it, as am getting closer notice a big scratch on the back. Am like really pissed off but then I rub over the scratch and realise it just dirt, massive relief. Then it won’t unlock and am like that’s strange, we are staring at it for ages thinking what the hell, then I glance a few rows down and realise we are trying to get into the wrong car. Identical model and colour. Imagine if the owners saw us, they would think we are trying to steal it, we where pulling on the doors and everything.

It’s a good thing it is a staged video. If it wasn’t the guy filming would have just been a massive POS.

It’s nice not seeing people just raging out online. “Oh here’s a silly thing I did” “Oh haha”. Kinda wholesome.

I came out of the grocery store with a woman trying to unlock my silver 4 runner parked next to her silver 4 runner. We had a good laugh.

I walked up to someone else’s vehicle and tried to get in until I realized the stranger in “my” seat staring back at me. I ran to my car hiding my face 🫤

You know, it’s nice to see just a person goofing off and realizing their mistake and laughing it off with just a bunch of nice people every once in a while in this sub, all that drama can wait

I remember being a teenager in the 90s and hearing that my grandfather, a devout born-again christian was dealing with some kind of police issue, which was a bit out of the ordinary.

He had (this is what I’m told) returned from a trip to the store in a car that looked like his and accepted his key. It was not his car. I know this is entirely possible but god damn.. what are the chances of running into an identical, keyed-alike station wagon in the same tiny North Carolina town, at the same store?

Back in the day cars had two keys and little variation. I came out of a bar at two am and got in my car with my friend. Started ranting and raving somebody had stole my stuff and and left these Barry Manilow 8 tracks, and and put up this pine tree air freshener wtf? My actual identical car was parked right next to

This is sooo cute….😅😅😅😅 Same think happened with me with my mobile. I went out with my mom’s phone.😅😅

This happened to me as a teenager. Came out if Walmart with a friend and his car would not open. It was an old Lancer exactly identical to his with pitch black tint. An older man came and tried to help us who was a lock Smith. The owner of the car was a woman who came running and screaming, calling the cops, crying, standard people of Wal mart stuff. What she saw was a Mexican a Filipino and a black guy trying to break into her car, did not look good. Cops came, we found his car and everything was okay. She went full Karen mode for about 15 minutes.

That’s better than the woman that got in my car minutes after I did, opened my back seat door & started unloading her own groceries until I said hi aloud. She proceeded to glare at me while going to her car, gave me attitude & flipped me off bc she’s too stupid to remember her similar car was a different color, & parked differently. I wasn’t even mad, just running on 3hrs of sleep & my face is generally bitch mode.

I’d laugh at her, but I have gotten into the wrong car before and not realized it until I got behind the wheel.


…on two separate occasions.

My family and I did this mistake once. A mom and her kids had the exact same van as my dad

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