Rawlings baseball leather seats in a Tundra

Rawlings baseball leather-based seats in a Tundra

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Look at that actual leather

How many many manufacturers nowadays only offer “leather trimmed” “leatherette” “Vegan Leather” which are fancy words for fake leather.

So I remember as a kid I’d have to condition my glove like once a month here in the desert, and that was only a few hours of sunlight a day/week.

I wonder how often you would have to with these. Especially with the temps interiors can reach in the summers.

Worked on a farm in Texas. This guy, Colby, rolls up in new Chevy pickup. With the Rawlings leather. Super nice. He put really nice speakers and subs. Colby didn’t like that it wasn’t a 4×4 and decided to go return it.

Don’t really remember the rest of the story but I’m pretty sure Colby screwed himself over pretty bad doing that.

In the back seat there is a 12 year-old kid who is burned out on baseball because their coach/dad rides them constantly and doesn’t let them enjoy the game. Rather than make it to the Majors, the kid quits after high school ball because, “it’s just not fun anymore, dad.”

Would look so much better with a black as the secondary color on this interior. The beige plastic and carpet just makes it look a bit messy.

Edit: ahh, these are seat covers, not some special edition Rawlings edition Tundra. Makes more sense.

Kid I went to high school with signed w the orioles out of high school and a very similar car was part of his signing bonus. I’m wondering if this is/was his

Called Katzkin after seeing this post, quoted me $3700 over the phone for baseball leather ventilated seats with heating / cooling (installed) for a Chevy Colorado

I just wanted air cooled seats, gonna have to pass :*(


Edit: Katzkin also has some pretty bad reviews on Facebook, do your due diligence.

Seen that once before in person. In an Audi TT. The seats and dash and any upholstered surface was baseball glove leather.

They make lots of leather stuff, I have a portfolio from them. Still looks, feels, and smells nice.

I’m disappointed it doesn’t have baseball stitching. I remember that was an option on the leather seats in like 04 on Audi TTs. Honestly looked really good.

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