Raquel Pennington just needs to crystal clear her identify!

Raquel Pennington just wishes to distinct her name!

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16 replies on “Raquel Pennington just needs to crystal clear her identify!”

Lol it’s the MMA fighter “Rocky” Raquel pennington and not the “rocky” Raquel Pennington the freeloader.

The only performance of AH I would pay for is if she fought the real Rocky Pennington. Let’s see how AH’s “proper slap” fairs in a real 2 sided fight.

Meh. Not finding her nonsense all that credible. Amber and her crowd are/were a bunch of moochers who had a motive and a plan.

Why is she the only one we have seen with some sort of representation during their video testimony? Please correct me if I am wrong

As an MMA fan I was so confused when they said Raquel Pennington was a witness. Raquel can fuck up all these people.

“Jewelry designer” oh ok so you mean broke ass faux Bohemian drug addict who makes turquoise belt buckles at the flea market.

Pretty sure they should call this Rocky to testify to what being beat up is like in reality. Maybe she could do a demonstration.

Bro I’ve watched 18 fucking days of this case thinking Amber Heard was friends with the MMA fighter Raquel Pennington and it was a whole ass different human lmao

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