Quitting your occupation isn’t really currently being disloyal to your boss. From time to time it’s the only way to stay faithful to by yourself. And know that the only points that change are the names and faces…

Quitting your work is just not remaining disloyal to your boss. Sometimes it’s the only way to continue to be faithful to your self. And know that the only things that adjust are the names and faces…

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25 replies on “Quitting your occupation isn’t really currently being disloyal to your boss. From time to time it’s the only way to stay faithful to by yourself. And know that the only points that change are the names and faces…”

I know it’s not the point, but a solid answer to that question, if you’re ever asked, is “I’m looking to learn new skills and move my career forward.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about your career. It doesn’t matter if you’ll learn exactly 0 skills at the new job. It’s just vague enough to work in any situation, and usually is a better answer than flat-out saying “the company culture was toxic” because that answer usually invites questions about what exactly was toxic. So then you’re effectively shit talking your old/current job instead of talking about either you or the new job, which should be the focuses of the interview.

It’s not about loyalty. It’s about business.

And employers are just pissed we figured it out without needing an MBA.

So uh, whats a good answer for “Why are you leaving your current job”? The real answer is obviously money but I doubt that flies.

There is a more positive way to say the same thing to your interviewer. “I am looking for a healthier work culture. How I am treated and how I am valued by my company is important to me.” Feel free to steal this. I have some interviewing experience.

Negative statements were a red flag for me when I was an interviewer cuz I was worried about work culture. It was not an outright NO as very few things are.

I lead a small team of developers and I was the face of our product over the phone and in person but my devs also needed to be on the phone and in person as I never got to hire anyone who specialized in what I could do. So the Devs we hired needed to be socially ept as well. Also small team with lots of moving projects around so being able to get a long was important to me.

In fairness I wanted to hire a lot more of the candidates but I was never allocated the slots for it.

I don’t know why, but employers always bring to mind a quite from that war movie “The Thin Red Line.” One of the men is thinking this to himself about all of the rah-rah commanders they keep getting who don’t understand what war is really like:

“Everything a lie. Everything you hear, everything you see. So much to spew out. They just keep coming, one after another. You’re in a box. A moving box. They want you dead, or in their lie… There’s only one thing a man can do – find something that’s his, and make an island for himself.”

I think that quote explains bosses. They are all the same. So much to spew about how essential you are and how “we are going to take this company to the top.” I’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s their lie and they want you living in their lie.

My former boss basically asked all teachers to be loyal to him, but then he got lazy and resigned to “do something else.”

Be loyal to yourself, your family, and your paycheck.

I had a boss say she “invested” in me and therefore I should be loyal and not quit. Why would I ever want to put someone who sees me purely as an asset before myself and my own needs? Three months later Covid hit and I would have been fired anyway. Best decision I made ever.

You dont owe your employer anything.

You dont owe your employer anything.

You dont owe your employer anything.

You dont owe your employer anything.

You dont owe your employer anything.

You dont owe your employer anything.

Just started a new job and felt bad for leaving my coworkers in the lurch, but this is a much better place.

Isn’t it wild? I used to think I had a personality defect cuz anywhere I went to work the misery seemed to follow. Now I know the whole USA work culture is toxic like a swamp.

I had some fucking idiot manager tell me yesterday in some thread that my leaving jobs every 2 years looks bad, so I should just toil my life blood away forever at some job for 20 years? Fuck that shit. I’m loyal to my coworkers, other than that, any company I work for can pound sand.

Quitting my job at customer service was the best thing I ever did. The supervisors would just sit and lounge in their chairs, and play games on their phones half the time, but how dare we text our children to check up on them.

I’m actually putting in my notice tomorrow. I got an offer doing the same work for a 25% increase and lowering my drive from 40 minutes to 5 minutes. I gave my current job a number that would have been satisfactory to me to stay, and they wouldn’t do it. And this is after losing 3 other people in less than two weeks. So be it, I won’t be worked to death anymore without being properly compensated.

I used to be a warehouse manager and made really good money, but I hated the work. When I finally had enough, I didn’t even consider finding another job in the same field, because I was not about to jump from one fire to the next. So I am going back to college now, even though I’m in my 30’s and now the oldest person in every single class I take.

Blue collar works can really suck, hopefully the transition to white collar will work out.

I say “there wasn’t really much room for upward mobility, and from the research I’ve done on your company I think it would be a better fit for my long-term goals”

If you aren’t switching jobs every 2-3 years you are probably being underpaid. Interview at more places, get an offer and use it as leverage to either get a raise or get a better job. In this economy us workers can’t afford to keep having our wages stagnated. These companies don’t care about loyalty and if they do they will fold when you ask for a raise

Pretty antithetical to the cause to be freebooting u/_workchronicles’ work and stripping the credit off


I’ve had many people in my life say “no one is loyal to their jobs anymore” like it’s a badge of honor to deal with toxic bosses and be miserable.

Job hopping is the new normal. Staying in one place because of some twisted sense of “loyalty” is wrong.

But don’t rage quit. In the real world you get checked out and if you get rage quit on your history that’s a hard pass.

I just quit my job yesterday, and this hits hard.

I was working for a staffing/consulting agency who had some of the worst clients I’ve ever dealt with. In some cases, I was treated so poorly by the clients by way of micromanagement, talking down, and complete disregard. My company acknowledged that they would continue to do nothing, and it would be up to me to deal with it. They even claimed that some people enjoyed this sort of thing. After 8 months of this nightmarish situation that took a toll on my mental health, my sleep schedule, and my over physical condition, I handed in my notice yesterday to focus on my job search.

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