question if he received absent with it

question if he got absent with it

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When I was a kid I once mailed out $20 to buy some toy goo stuff off a cereal box and it never came

So at least they got something

Might want to cross-post this puppy to r/artefactporn, it’s about as old as the actual internet itself

Air drying in australian summer is genuinely so easy, i could wear a half dried shirt out and itll dry on its own

I called a hotel a few years ago, in LA, to ask whether the pool was heated. He started laughing and told me of course it was. I said I just wanted to clarify since my kids are super picky are annoying. His response was that’s it’s Los Angeles, it’s the summer, and the pool’s outdoors.

When my brother was a cop in the fraud division in the late 90’s one person was advertising organic cockroach killer, 100%, not harmful to humans or pets and is guaranteed to absolutely destroy any cockroach or bug.

He was selling two pieces of wood with a circle printed on the one saying “place cockroach here”.

Sorry but who would spend 50 dollars on a product when they dont know its mechanics or at least have seen it

There was a guy who had an advert that said “save your gas bills, send £5” and he sent them a piece of wood with a nail in it, for saving their gas bills on.

Blatant false advertising.

That is solar AND wind powered drying. He should have charged double for that extra tech.

I mean… compared to the other “green” crap on kickstarter, at least a clothesline will dry clothes.

He did time for fraud for this and if you check out his Facebook, he’s using ReFace to make out that he’s a Hollywood actor trying to restart his career. Completely delusional, totally dangerous.

no technically not the truth, if the dryer consists solely of the clothesline, it is *not* solar powered. solar power does nothing in regards to the action of the clothesline. clothes hanging over a tree branch or a porch railing in the sun would have the same effect.

Friend of mine from our Navy days back in the 80’s ordered a penis enlarger from the back of some magazine…they sent him a magnifying glass

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