[POEM] Rather Unappealing by Abdullah Shoaib

[POEM] Pretty Unattractive by Abdullah Shoaib

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42 replies on “[POEM] Rather Unappealing by Abdullah Shoaib”

I’ve seen this floating around online and I’m very glad to finally have the name of the poet. Thanks!

Going down into the abyss to hit the bottom to only climb back up again. Really really creative. I’ll be saving that. Thank you.

Is there a name for this type of poem? Id like to try one myself but would love some examples.

Anyone else read “now read bottom up” and think no, there’s no way and start to turn your phone upside down and halfway through realize you’re an idiot?

Ugh. This is a total gimmick and a bad poem. Even the font and design choices are awful. 0/10.

in starting i was thinking what a piece of shit then I realised ah this man got some balls

Bad thing
Next thing is false
Good thing
Next thing is true
Bad thing
Next thing is false
Good thing
Next thing is true
Bad thing?

(Now read bottom up)

Reverse poems have such an interesting structure; I feel they are the hardest to write correctly.


Sadly I think like this (the top to bottom version lol), the reverse version felt a bit cringy and sounded like all those overly positive hippy bullshit, but that’s just me.

‘Good’ is an insult to this poem… I am happy that I came across this today. Thanks OP for sharing it.

Little tricks like that seem cheap and horribly lame to me. Especially when the poem is so basic. Just my opinion though.

Love it! Always look at peoples heart & know everyone has a story & never forget that “beauty is in the eye of any beholder.”

Negative Statement

The following is wrong:

Positive Statement.

The following is definitely true:

Negative statement.

Reverse and repeat

Love the comments that keep accusing it of being a “gimmick” as if that alone is sufficient criticism.

Every new form of poetry is a gimmick until it becomes more widespread, although i’m not saying the merits of reverse poetry are worth it becoming more popularized.

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