Picture of a monkey or a household?

Photograph of a monkey or a household?

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Who would have imagined a ponzi scheme as a currency on a platformh so unstable as the internet wouldn’t work out. Not me /s

The fact that square Enix just sold their most famous IPs like Tomb Raider for pocket change, relatively speaking, only to go balls deep into blockchain games is another agedlikemilk in the making.

Bro, I’m LOVING this hard.

I’m “close-minded, and short-sighted”, for warning people about this, but at least I had the foresight to see that coming.

I was always trying to figure out how people who seemed otherwise intelligent couldn’t look at the NFT situation and not come away with the conclusion that “this won’t last very long.” So many fads come and go- how they managed to convince themselves that this one would be different is a mystery to me.

It was funny watching all these “super smart” tech people fall for the same scheme 18 year old girls fall into selling knives door to door

I hope he didn’t listen to that dude’s advice, because he’s fucking homeless now if he did

Lol I saw Busta rhymes at jazz fest in New Orleans last weekend and he was talking about his new NFT available for purchase…

That’s accurate, mention anything bad about crypto/NFTs and a monkey will spawn from the darkest crevices of the fire pits of hell and will “educate” you on finances and how he’s going to the moon.

What really bothered me is that we all saw this coming, we saw literally everyone trying to make as much money as possible quickly. Then famous people were on podcasts trying to justify NFTs and how they’re the future and how they’ll open up doors for artists. Anyone disagreeing with them would just be relentlessly mocked by the NFT bros in the comments as well.

The fact that nfts became a thing scares me. Buy a picture a unique online pictur. I said this is overhyped and tbh it looks like Nora are slowly dying

That absolute clown at the bottom trying to argue that a picture of a monkey that cost you half a million dollars is less of a liability and therefore better investment than a house

Well, it is technically accurate.

A ponzi scheme or shitty jpeg investment doesn’t have any liability….

They didn’t say it was a better investment. They said house had more liabilities.

Mmmm, pixel monkey won’t keep me warm in the winter and dry from the elements. Plus one’s a scam the other isn’t

Houses have intrinsic value outside their financial value. If the housing market crashes again, people will still need houses for as long as… Let me see, FOREVER.
NFTs only have financial value, if it crashes, all you have is poorly made digital art.

I love how NFT people spent months advertising and telling other people about the Blockchain and etherium just for the internet to collectively decide that it’s fucking stupid

If buying useless pixelated pictures is your thing,by all means, buy useless pixelated pictures. But honestly, buying a house is worth more than some useless overpriced images that you can just download and save to your computer at any time.

Watching NFTs burn with the rest of the market has been a nice silver lining. People absolutely deserve to get wiped out participating in these scams.

Great! This made me laugh and then i had to explain what i was laughing at to my wife, which meant i had to try to explain wtf a dumbass NFT was.

Anyone who invests in crypto is basically the “They don’t know I have x” meme. They think they’re so smart, but in the end they’ll think they’re a “savvy investor” that’s “going to the moon”, when in reality they fell for a scam that gave them some poorly made art that has a purely speculative value, that they themselves won’t sell because they think the value will somehow go even higher, only for it to crash into the ground in a spectacular manner.

It’s actually kinda sad.

I’m so glad that I just kept scrolling when I first saw the NFT posts and whatnot lol

Look at that toolbag at the bottom trying to justify NFT’s to a legitimate physical asset 😂

Anyone who tells you that real estate isn’t a good investment clearly has never rented a house. Being a landlord is pretty much the most reliable and profitable side hustle on the planet right now, and most certainly a better investment than any number of monkey pictures

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