Peppermint frappes with mocha flakes

Peppermint frappes with mocha flakes

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This sounds like an indictment of capitalism instead of the racist “abortion kills black babies” dog whistle they meant it to be.

You’re telling me companies don’t care about their workers, they just care about making money???? If only someone had pointed this out earlier /s

Isn’t this the guy who has hurt, crying, or generally terrified/horrified women in literally every comic he draws??

Well as opposed to working until you go into labor then getting half a day off that sounds pretty good in are current system

This reads like prolife satire where it shows how prolifers dont actually care about stuff that happens after birth, since the comic implies that the company would do jack shit to support the mom after birth.

Also wth is gprime even on? Companies give maternity leaves to expecting moms and have their job filled by substitutes!

Well at least the manager didn’t say “sugartits” or whatever creepy thing that gprime’s characters are saying these days


You’re telling me her boss is being perfectly honest that the reason he’s doing her this favour is entirely self-serving while still providing the favour of paying for her travels to another state where abortion is legal and available so she can continue her life and job in peace? That’s great! Of course, the whole situation could’ve been avoided if Abortion and healthcare were more readily available outright…
Wonder whose fault that is?

in this situation, would it matter why they did it? It’s like complaining people only doing charity work to “look good”. OK, but they’re still putting in work

this is a dumb nitpick but i was a barista for two years and it’s bugging me: mocha flakes aren’t a thing. mocha is the syrup (or the drink itself), “mocha flakes” would just be small pieces of chocolate.

The fact that the person needing an abortion in this comic is a young dark skinned black girl is very telling of this comic artist’s intentions

So, to be clear, this translates to, “Yes, we will help you because we value the work you do for us in our chosen line of business.”

Funniest thing about this one is it works better as a critique of capitalism than it does as anti abortion

I’m not sure if this is an unintentionally woke comic highlighting capitalism’s failure to give a shit about humans over profit, or ,given the source, a racist dog whistle that I’m having trouble picking up

I never tire of this person’s comics. They are so talented, and yet, make no sense whatsoever. They’re funny and sad at the same time.

This is probably just something that’s happened in real life because capitalism is hell

They’ve wrapped around from insane to normal

Does the right not realize that leftists also think the last panel is kinda true and ridiculous?

Epic conservative owns liberals by proving the point that people shouldn’t need to rely on their employers for proper healthcare

I…. Literally don’t understand what they think they’re saying. So… this black woman needs help, but… I think they’re saying her job is unimportant, but Starbucks I guess will help anyway? Is… the implication that what she does doesn’t matter so she should have to have a baby instead? Why else would the frappes be the “punchline.” It feels like everyone is supposed to be the villain; the woman for needing medical care and Starbucks for selling coffee. Why is everything they say either revolting or incomprehensible?

Isn’t this just… True? Starbucks would rather pay the $1k for the woman to get an abortion, then to pay the $5k for her maternity leave.

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