pencil drawing by me [OC]

pencil drawing by me [OC]

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“Really? It took me like three hours to finish the shading on the upper lip. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done.”

Pencil artists either get around way more than I thought or have outrageous imaginations

Incredible… My friend asked me to ask you:

How well can you draw a thick, juicy penis? Can you show us?

At this point I just downvote anything lewd because I can’t stand the easy upvote farms and that’s the only way to get them to stop

So r/pics is basically just “nude women… but it’s art though! You like it because it’s art!”

I mean, it’s a REALLY nice shading but there is no coincidence that most of the art that does well lately have been nearly naked women.

The art that gets upvoted to the front page is for mouth-breathing losers. I almost never see a piece that doesn’t have T&A.

I mean it’s a fine drawing. Annoying that better art that isn’t soft-core porn doesn’t get the same upvotes though.

Going through your profile I got excited for a second for a post… “this one is titled something about a cat! Finally something without an ass in it”

But I was wrong. It’s just all ass. Your entire profile is just drawings of ass.

What annoys me the most is these men have found a way to convert photos women take, to profit off of their bodies (sexuality that has historically been used against women and objectified by men), into pure objectifications of their bodies that these men then profit from

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