Paladins beauty objects are actually extremely excellent

Paladins cosmetic products are really quite good

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Damn Its almost like the people that make the cosmetics and the people that handle the technical stuff are on separate teams

Are the only way to get the good skins is to buy the specific loot box?? I know there are a few available for their coins but most say you have to purchase the box.

Yeah, they are. I love how the Legendaries straight up change the voice actors and personalities. If you don’t like how the default character acts/sounds, then you can just use an alternate skin. Think Androxus is too edgy? Use his Steel Forged skin which is more heroic. Think Moji’s nasally tone is grating? Use her Dragonborn skin which gives her a British accent. Find Pip’s personality too boring? Use Pepper who’s a sassy Latina fox girl.

Its only true competitor, Overwatch, doesn’t do this much at all. At most, you get one or two lines that’s changed (wolf Hanzo speaks about wolves instead of dragons), but the personality remains the exact same.

So you know how with school projects you always had one guy who did 90% of the work whilst the others did whatever?

I’m getting the feeling the art team for Paladins is that one guy.

Mmmm I sure do love boobs boobs butt boobs as the skins for literally every female humanoid in Paladins.

The formula is simple. More cleavage and more booty = more $$$. More money = better gaaaiiimmmmprofit!!

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