Pair Loses more than 500 lbs . together.

Few Loses about 500 lbs . with each other. than_500_lbs_alongside one another/

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I was at my worst 5 months ago when I had ballooned up to 265 pounds after years of trying to lose weight. I was so close to giving up until I saw TikToks from the guy in this video. I’ve been following this couple ever since and am almost 40 pounds down now.

This is absolutely fucking gorgeous. These are true idols, real superheroes. They found real love, real connection, true transcendence, they destroyed social standards and norms. I’m jealous of that, connection so fucking strong they committed together, they worked together, they overcame together and they supported the absolute fuck out of each other. That’s the love I’ve always dreamed of and tried to find in the wrong women. Keep going you sexy motherfuckers, keep giving me hope! Fuck ya!!! God damn champions!!!!

I have struggled and fought with addiction (alcohol and dirty darts) and JFC was it hard work, but I am endlessly in awe of ppl that fight this fight

Not to suggest either is easier or harder, but I can’t imagine how I’d have ever kicked my habits whilst actually needing my habits to survive: aka food regulation. Super impressive imo

did they lose 500 pounds each one or both of them….i mean how much did they wheigh a ton???to be honest if i was in charge of the fat people i would arrange 1 vs 1 fights versus polar bears in the antarctic,that way they would lose weight both from the cold and the exercise of wrestling with the bears as well as the anxiety of imminent injury that would produce much sweat…i congratulate them for losing their weight nevertheless ,real champs

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