Overhoeksplein – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Overhoeksplein - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Overhoeksplein 12/07/2020 12h22
Frankey Street Art is giving the city little often unremarkable surprises. Every week a photo with one of his recent works appears in the supplement to the newspaper Het Parool. A great opportunity to take a closer look at his work. Sometimes you have to search to find it and sometimes it is already gone.
This clown is located in Amsterdam Noord and is a fire detector or alarm on the wall of the Amsterdam University of Arts.

July 2020 (05/07/2020)

Street Art Frankey
Street Art Frankey (pseudonym of Frank de Ruwe) is a Dutch artist who wants to positively influence the street scene with relatively small and often inconspicuous works of art.
He grew up in Nijmegen, father was an inventor at Philips Netherlands. He studied at Delft University of Technology (Industrial design). In daily life director of and working for design collective Natwerk. In Amsterdam, many of his works in the street art category can be found on buildings, streets and bridges, often in addition to existing building elements. He himself about his work;
"I want to push boundaries. Art has no boundaries, that’s why I like it so much."
In 2019, a special page has been dedicated to his art in Het Parool for a number of years; first he took care of that section himself, later he had to leave that work to others because of busy work. A little later his work Eberhard van der Laan appeared above the entrance of Paradiso.
One of the works that inspired him is the Boomzagertje in the Leidsebosje, a work by an as yet unknown artist.
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