Our kitten enjoys when my girlfriend sings

Our kitten enjoys when my girlfriend sings

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That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. And I totally understand the kitty, I’d react the same way.

Your kitty is a gentleman just sitting there all cozy. When I sung around one of my cats, she would get excited and try to stick her head into my mouth lmao.

I’m getting some serious Marceline the vampire queen vibes from your gf and her amazing voice!

is it just me or did the kitten not even fucking react. If you wanna post your music, just post it, don’t come up with some fake bullshit

Meanwhile my cat meows her brains out every time someone attempts to have a conversation on the phone.

This is common with cats. My cat always comes running up to me purring whenever I start humming or singing to a fav song. People should sing to their cats more often.

Damn, it’s not just the kitten that loves her singing O-O some impressive vocals there ngl

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