Orrnato Montoya The Phantom Thief

Orrnato Montoya  The Phantom Thief

Built for the Lands of Roawia role-playing game on Merlin’s Beard. Come on over and join Outlaws the fun!
A master thief, an expert spy, a swashbuckling rogue with a penchant for picking pockets; Orrnato Montoya is all of the above, and more.
His ability to break into even the most fortified of buildings, without even leaving a trace has earned him the name his is more widely known by:
The Phantom Thief.
Orrnato’s mastery of theft and espionage is second to none, and is paralleled only by his skill with the blade and his quick wit.
None know where he truly came from, but there are plenty of rumors and tall tales, each more fantastic and far-fetched than the previous one. Some people claim that he spent his childhood on a pirate ship, others say that he was a Lenfel prince that was exiled for a crime he didn’t commit, still more claim he was raised by dragons deep in the Sinking Basin. The truth, however is much less fantastic.
Orrnato was born and raised in the coastal town of Dingewood. His parents died when he was a baby so he lived with his elderly grandfather. They lived in poverty, and Orrnato soon learned to pick the pockets of rich merchants to supplement his grandfather’s income. He quickly found that he was a natural at all things that involved theft and espionage, and could talk his way out of any situation.
When his grandfather died, Orrnato’s career as a professional thief and spy, truly began.
Now he is one of, if not the most, renowned thief in Roawia, and if the offer is tempting enough, he will even work for hire.
Though he will do jobs anywhere, Orrnato prefers to work in Dingewood, whose twisting and turning streets he knows better then the back of his own hand.

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