Opinion- I’m not at all interested or excited in watching any of these 3 in S6.

Want the upcoming season to focus more on the main teens, including Demetri than, these younger ones. They aren’t much good, imao.

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You’re right. Maybe if the episodes were an hour long instead of 30 minutes, things would be different. But there’s not enough time as it is already and characters who have been around since season 1 end up getting shafted in favor of them.

I’m actually quite interested in Anthony’s arc. Seeing how he’s gone from bully to good guy trying to make up for it is interesting. Would be cool to see him train in miyagi-do too ! And I like the dynamic between him and Robby !

Kenny needs to get a serious smack down for me to really start liking his character. He’s talked too much shit without any consequences. Anthony kinda sucks but his inclusion is at least justified bc he’s a LaRusso. I dont even understand the point of Devons character.

They aren’t the primary focus anyway, they’re side characters. Still, I never thought I’d enjoy Robby right up to the start of season 4, but by the end of season 5 he’s switching between my second and third favourite character alongside Hawk, of the younger non-legacy characters from the movies.

I’d like to see Robby be a big brother to Kenny and Anthony. Tory is already becoming a big sister to Devon. But there is a lot to pack into the final season. Unless these three are going to become a spinoff?

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