Omaha boy finds aid from neighbor following currently being dropped off at the mistaken bus end. The bus driver instructed him “well you need to get off and wander the relaxation of the way property.”

Omaha boy finds support from neighbor soon after remaining dropped off at the wrong bus quit. The bus driver explained to him “well you want to get off and walk the relaxation of the way home.”

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42 replies on “Omaha boy finds aid from neighbor following currently being dropped off at the mistaken bus end. The bus driver instructed him “well you need to get off and wander the relaxation of the way property.””

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“This is not my stop. I don’t know where I’m at.” And the bus driver told him, “Well you need to get off and walk the rest of the way home.”

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A substitute bus driver is no longer transporting students for OPS after a 7-year old student says the driver put him out at the wrong stop.

Thankfully, the young student remembered his former next-door neighbor and was able to find his way to the street he used to live on. Quinci knows his school buddy lives here, so he talks to the ring doorbell to get help.

Our substitute bus driver got lost on the route(they didn’t have GPS yet) and just dumped all of the children in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully a few kids knew how to get home because they grew up around these woods. The walk home took us 2 hours. The older kids took care of the younger ones and everyone shared their water bottles. It was a very hot summer day. Our parents were frantic and when we told them what happened they raised hell to get her fired.

Hearing the little one cry in this video makes me emotional. Poor baby, I am so glad he found help.

Holy fuck! The same exact thing happened to me at his age.

This poor kid.

Ah man, watching this poor sweet looking little kid freak out, tears my heart apart.

I was in a super similar situation when my elementary school busses changed routes and I forgot to take the new bus and got dropped off at my old house I lived at a year prior, literally sat and cried on the side of the road until a kind woman came to see what was wrong with me and helped me get to my home safely. I still wish I could thank her in someway.

I do not dare show this my mother, who worked in as a school bus driver, or in related school transportation jobs, for three decades. I imagine if I do, she’s flying to Omaha to buy a bat and ask some people some questions.

As a mom this both breaks my heart and makes me livid. Poor little guy, he was so scared and trying to be so brave. After I got ahold of his parent/guardian, my next call would be to the police. Fuck that calling the school and him getting fired, I’d report child abandonment and child endangerment to law enforcement and let the bus driver explain himself to the cops.

That happened to me in kindergarten, I got on the wrong bus or something. The driver just took me back to the school after his route and the principal gave me a lift home, bless their hearts. This was in the early 90s so my poor parents had quite the heart attack and will never live it down, lol. How fuckin hard is that, bus driver? Goddamn.

This is one of the very few reasons I’d want my kid to have a phone of some description.
Wouldn’t ideally want them going to random houses for help but also they obviously need help. Glad she was who she was.

Reading the other comments, *how* many assholes do they allow to drive children? Geebus.

Thank goodness this ended well for the boy, and that he had the presence of mind to remember there was a safe door to knock on.

I hope that driver is blacklisted from working anywhere near children.

EDIT: Yes, I am aware there is a driver shortage, thank you. There should still be standards, and endangering a child should get you blacklisted.

Had a substitute bus driver who refused to drop myself and like 6 other kids at our correct stop. Told us all to get off and I was the oldest at like 8 years old. So I told all the little kids to stay seated and I told him over and over it wasn’t our stop. He decided to go about his route dropping other students off, on our way back to the school with us last few on the bus, still refusing to follow my directions to our stop. A dust storm hit and had us sitting on the side of the road for like 45 minutes. Our parents all showed up at the school freaking out that their kids were nearly 3 hours late to be dropped off. Never saw that driver again.

Once got on a bus in like 6th grade and for whatever reason my bus pass wasn’t scanning so the bus driver told me to either get out or come up with some money. I had to dig for loose change in my backpack before reaching the next stop or he said I’d have to get out for not paying smh.

Bus drivers can be dicks sometimes. Thankfully there are a lot of really nice ones out there though.

When I was little I had a bus driver who would not let us leave unless someone was there to walk us home. There’s some awesome bus drivers out there too.

Reading all of the comments about bus drivers ditching kids in this thread is very alarming to me. What kind of a pea brained moron thinks its ok to just dump little kids off no where near home?? Is America really like the Simpsons with Otto the bus driver? I always thought that was an exaggeration.

Had a kid turn up at my house one day….
He was about 7-8 years old.
His mum had dropped him off at the bus stop to catch the bus to school. Well the bus never turned up. He knocked on the door and explained what had happened…. I dropped him off at school. Lol

Glad this little one found help. It’s such a scary feeling. That bus driver is a cruel person. This is just a terrible situation.

Happened to me in kindergarten. I stood on the corner and cried until a Streets and Sanitation dump truck came along, driver brought me home.

My daughter had a bus pass to get to school. She had to switch busses part way. The driver for the second leg decided not to let her ride because the photo in the buss pass was ‘too small’, and so she was left stranded. The photo was taken by the school and emailed to the bus company who make up the passes and then send them back to the school to hand out, and she had been using it for several months. The bus company denied it was too small and refused to change it. My daughter became terrified she was going to end up in the same situation again after that, and became incredibly anxious about school for the rest of that year.

I would kick that bus driver’s ass from Omaha to Maine if this happened to my child! Some people should just not be allowed to work with children.

when I was 12 or 13 I was gonna ride home with a friend on the bus for my birthday, but the bus driver would l wouldn’t let him on without a pass (which in retrospect was the right call) so we had to get off, his mom came and picked him up and left me, so I went inside and agreed to use the phone so I could get a ride, and everyone in the main office basically said “that sucks, better start walking kid”even though it’s only been at the school a month and didn’t know my way home

after like an hour of begging to the point of tears, my dad realized I want home and came to the school to see what happened and brought me home after yelling at the staff. by the time I got home the party was pretty much over and to this day I never tell people my birthday cause something shitty always happens on it (for example, my mom left on my like 8th or 9th birthday and I didn’t see her again until like 14, and then she left again around my 15th birthday)

This happened to me once. I was six living In South Carolina and we had recently moved to a new house and my mom told me to meet my sisters after school so she could pick us up since the new house wasn’t added to the new bus route. Unfortunately I forgot and got on the normal bus that took me to my old bus stop but I didn’t realize what was happening until I got off and remembered I wasn’t supposed to get on that bus and had no idea where our new house was. So I started to panic and began running down the side of what I remember being a 4 lane road balling my eyes out. Luckily my mom had really good intuition and and sped over to the old bus stop and found me in complete running down the freeway in complete hysterics. So I feel for this poor little boy. Only difference was in my situation it was my own fault for forgetting and not my bus driver.

The way he cried as soon as he saw her…he knew he was safe then, and could let go…my heart is breaking for this little dude. ❤️

I feel horrible for this kid, so glad he found a friend’s house.

I taught my kids early that if they get lost or in some kind of danger, find a woman with kids and ask her for help. It’s the least risky person to approach.

The way he says “Maxs mom “

My heart :((((((((((

Shouts out to max and his mom though for real!

What got me the most is one of the first thing he says is “I don’t want my mom to worry about me” 😭 what a sweet boy.

My first day of kindergarten, I didn’t know when to get off the bus. Finally I was the only one there and the bus driver asked me where I lived, and simply drove me home. He told me to sit behind him the next day so he could tell me when I should get off. After a couple of days, with his help I was a pro 🙂

Ffs you don’t dump children on the street like this. That’s heinous.

Nothing in this world is gonna change until people start to see every and any child as their own child. We’re all parents to the next generation.

The way he breaks when he sees her. The feeling and fear of being lost and seeing familiar.

May that driver never be responsible for other people or their kids again.

This happened to me when I was like 6 and I managed to walk to a park that I knew was near my babysitter’s house (that’s where I was supposed to be dropped off at) and I just stood at the park crying and watching the other children play. I was jealous that they were in the same place as me psychically but they weren’t lost. They were where they were supposed to be. I knew I was near my babysitter’s house but I wasn’t sure which way to go.
An old man came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told him I was looking for “Mama Lina’s house” and he held my hand and walked with me as we looked for her house. It was the second street that we tried and my mom was already there panicked. Apparently I had been lost for an hour.
I had forgotten about this memory until about a year ago.
Scary to think about now but it was also kind of peaceful. It was a sunny day and my neighborhood was small, this was before it got gentrified. I remember walking under a huge power lines and through a neighborhood pea patch garden.

Apparently after this my mom wrote a very passionate letter to the school bus company saying that kindergartens needed to be met by an adult before they were let off the bus. I ended up wearing a sign around my neck I think with my stop and who I was supposed to meet (babysitter). The bus company actually changed their policy and said it was the most passionate letter they ever received. Thanks mom ❤️

This happened to one of my daughter’s friends multiple times. And the school never fired the bus driver because there is such a driver shortage they didn’t want to let him go. His mom wound up getting him a phone at around 7yo so that she could track him when the driver did this. INSANITY

Similar situation happened to me, I heard a kid screaming crying for his mom outside my apartment and so I went to him. His apartment was open but mom wasn’t there. The kid thankfully had moms number memorized so I could call her and I waited with him. Turns out the bus had dropped him off at his apartment and his mom wasn’t home because she was waiting for him at the usual place they drop him 20 minutes away. She was so anxious she hugged me when she got home there were a few occasions in the future where she knocked on my door and asked for help which I never turned down. Being a good neighbor is important no matter where you are

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