Off to the stratosphere

Off to the stratosphere

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All fun and games until you see a news headline “Man killed on the spot by a basketball falling from the sky”

Those turbines are insanely expensive and you have to scan it for microscopic fractures. I can only imagine the tiny damage that would have caused and the few millions to repair it, including revenue foregone for shutdown

Nah this is a travesty and will cost someone/taxpayers/or a company millions. This is big time not good and could have caused very many dangerous things to occur. Hopefully more kids don’t see this and try to copy It. Please delete this.

Very good of these idiots to record themselves so they can be held accountable if it turned out that this caused damage to the turbine.

This is exactly what I think of when people say “boys will be boys.”

Imagine my horror to learn that people used that phrase to describe rapey men.

I work in wind farm analytics and yeah, one of our clients would be FURIOUS at this.

But I won’t lie, watching that ball rocket into space was pretty great XD

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