Odin Would make: Wanda&#39s Headdress from Physician Strange: Multiverse of Insanity

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I make Wanda’s new headdress as seen in Health care provider Bizarre 2 and the Multiverse of Insanity.
Totally free PDF sample here:
Laser cutting file in this article:

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Odin Abbott has been building costumes and props for several years, and Odin Helps make continues the wish to show you how to make cosplay goods and props for your self.

Host: Odin Abbott
Editor: Ellis Abbott-Grasso
Primary tunes by John Reed
This online video was recorded at the Sacramento Media Centre.
New music from Audioblocks

Ryobi tools supplied by Ryobi! and

Chopping mat and razor knives by Excel
Use my code odinmakes for a lower price with your buy from Excel hand tools and blades

Plaid brand craft paints and supplies generously donated by Plaid Enterprises, Inc. You fellas are brilliant!

All costume clothing products were being ordered from Amazon:
2mm What the Foam
1/8″ black elastic
Black Plasti Dip
Acrylic craft paints

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38 replies on “Odin Would make: Wanda&#39s Headdress from Physician Strange: Multiverse of Insanity”

I just had an idea. What if you used the laser to cut out your pattern in wax paper (waterproof) and then use it as a mask over foam and spray acetone (or whatever solvent works on foam) onto the foam to melt the pattern into it? You could do that in whatever shape it's in and even get effects that are impossible with a knife. It's like acid etching but for foam.

Using the laser made sense as it gave you a stencil/template to make the cuts on the underside layer and it made the whole process faster (and fun!!).

It wasn't pointless, it's just how Odin Makes.

With those like cheek spike things, could you have sandwiched a bit of bendable wire between the two layers (with a small grove in the back piece to leave space) so you could have a little more control over the possibility?

I just saw Multiverse of Madness Last Night! No Spoilers best of the Doctor Strange Movies. I'm glad you liked the movie as much as I did, Spiderman No Way Home was cool but Multiverse of Madness takes the cake for most exciting movie of 2022. Odin my friend you are a master of the mystic arts yourself for using tools and relics that I wouldn't be able to obtain without the help of the Scripters of Mon eel aka Money. Good thing Money is real and easily obtainable unlike the Space Stone which you only need that to have all six infinity stones. You made the original five The Secpter, The Soul Stone, The Reality Stone, The Tesseract, The Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto. All you need now is the Ord or the Space Stone. All mighty Odin you can do anything as long as you think it it shall be. Have a great day my Friend.

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