[OC] Wasn’t expecting to cry while providing the mail.

[OC] Was not anticipating to cry though delivering the mail.

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“this nickel can help provide ongoing assistance”

Well, why the fuck didn’t you keep it and use it instead of sending it to me?

That’s one of the worst parts of having a live in relative die. Damn near every day for the first few months the mail reminds you that they’re gone.

Even after sorting through all the legal stuff and canceling their subscriptions/mail lists, you still get straggling letters from senders who think they’re still alive. I like to reminisce on my own terms and by myself, not every day when I get home from work.

I’ve had a very old sounding lady call me every 4 months like clockwork for the last 3-4 years asking for a woman named Annette and I always politely tell her that she has the wrong number. I even have her in my contacts so I know to answer and tell her.

Haven’t heard from her about 8 months :/

I try to stop at my mother’s and get her mail and throw away the stuff with my dad’s name on it (unless it is important) because I know it wrecks her.

And yes, I visit with her and I still get some mail there, even though I changed addresses years ago.

Oof this hit hard. I just lost my Dad and when my Mom received a letter addressed to him she wrote something similar. Now I’m sobbing. 😭

I run a small business and I get to know my customers pretty well and I’ve got to tell ya I wasn’t prepared for that shit.

owwww my heart… oww oww oww… 🙁

My landlord died last year unexpectedly… he and his wife lived directly above me, and now it is just her. They were married for over… FIFTY… years… high school sweethearts. I just can’t imagine the pain. When she came back from the hospital without him (which was a couple months, because they were out of town when he had his stroke and he lingered awhile in a coma)… she just said to me in disbelief… “I’m… a widow.”

It’s heartbreaking.

Remember that Redditor who, when wife miscarried, went through the mail to throw out ads for baby products?

The nickle is a dick move meant to destroy shredders for those not inspecting their mail before shredding it.

Local churches do this in my area. Will send out envelopes asking for money, but put a penny inside it to destroy shredders.

It’s obviously different but I just got mail from Chewy that said “We miss you!”

My dog died in December after an agonizing six months of fighting bone cancer. I wasn’t expecting to cry on a random Wednesday but here we are

My parent’s get 4-5 letters a day for my Grandmother. She died over 2 years ago, and the USPS will not stop sending the mail to us.

The “best” one is from the church she went to. They just don’t understand why she stopped giving them money or why they have not seen her in so long. A service was help, for her…at the church.

I see a TV commercial for this charity every day and it features a paralyzed veteran telling the story of how he came to be paralyzed. It starts, of course, by asking the viewer to support our paralyzed veterans because they chose to fight for us and we need to fight for them. The veteran was serving overseas and became paralyzed when he jumped out of a plane and… his parachute didn’t open.

This dude lost his ability to walk because our military went with the lowest bidder on manufacturing parachutes that don’t always open. And instead of the Navy taking care of him for life, he has to go on TV and beg for other Americans to help with his bills.

I wish the charity would point that out instead of trying to make it look like a super-patriotic pro-military thing.

We bought our great-aunt’s house from her estate. 4 years later we still get her mail but she was a recluse and nasty woman to us so it doesn’t bother us. We found writing “deceased, return to sender” doesn’t do much so now we just shred any mail that she still receives.

As a mail carrier I’m pretty sure you can get in serious trouble for photographing mail…. even if you attempt ot hide PII.

My mail dude is named Bruce. Bruce is a 10/10 cool dude. He watches French dramas while he walks his route. Hell’ll also talk your dang ear off about anything. Bruce was in the pentagon on 9/11, and I really need to work up the courage to buy him lunch.

My brother died when he was in the second grade and i was younger then him so i in rolled into the same school the summer after his death and apparently none of his friends were informed of his death and they all brought him gifts from their vacation and when i told them he died the didn’t believe me and they assumed i was lying and that he just moved to an all boys school and for the rest of school years people kept giving gifts, candy, books, stickers, toys invites, and etc to give to him

It got to the point where the teachers had to banned the third graders from coming to the first graders section and they made a no gift giving for people out of school rule

You wouldn’t believe how many marketers think this is cute. I wanna reach through the envelope and strangle them when I see this.

After my mom died of a brain tumour, I collected mail for her for months from the various charities she donated to- cancer agency, Alzheimer’s society, etc. It was such a cruel reminder of how wonderful she was and the impact one individual makes.

I keep getting letters for my mum for breast cancer trials. She passed away in December from brain and lung cancer. 🙁 lol I really need to get around to telling them.

A week after my beloved Mother in Law passed away I went to the mail box (lived rural in the neighbouring province) and there was a birthday card (and a cheque!) from her. She was literally in the hospital dying and still managed to sign a card, tell me she loved me, and send me some money (totally unnecessary, but because she couldn’t go and physically pick out something I would like, as she did every year, she wanted me to be able to do something nice for myself). I loved that woman more than I did her son (an entirely different story…lol). She was an amazing person.

I’m confused, who wrote on it, was it being returned to sender? My grandpa recently passed and has been getting these nonstop, to the point that we have to get to the mail every day before grandma sees it and gets upset and then on a mission to find the number to call and tell them all about him. And it’s funny because he was not a paralyzed veteran, but apparently if you go to the VA you’ll get signed up for every donation drive imaginable. So we have to explain to my grandma every time that they’re just mass mail to toss, that she isn’t going to get through to anyone trying to call the 1800 number, and they really won’t care at all if she starts in talking about her late husband, best she can hope for is at least the person might mark the address inactive, but of course that rarely helps stop them from coming, I think more likely the people she gets ahold of try to be polite for a minute and then eventually “lose connection” while she’s recounting old stories.

Deceased, I miss him too.

Translated for anyone unfamiliar with cursive handwriting

The old writer is returning mail to sender; b/c years ago writing deceased on the envelope would be the only thing needed to get a deceased’s mail to stop

So heartbreaking

Oh I love these, my grandfather has been dead longer than I’ve been alive, we still get junk mail- to this day. My grandmother passed away over 5 years ago and it’s still painful to think about and yup, junk mail and jury duty. she’s not only gotten Jury duty but when we tried to explain this they demanded we get a death certificate from city hall or she could be in trouble and possibly be arrested.

So, we told them “her address is at the local cemetery, bring a shovel along with the cuffs. Good luck”

Tangentially related, but the companies who send you Mother’s Day / Father’s Day marketing emails without offering an opt out should be driven out of business forever

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