[OC] Philadelphia City Corridor, 5/14/22

[OC] Philadelphia Metropolis Hall, 5/14/22

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The only people that have a right are the ones who got raped. Those are the only people who should be allowed to have abortions. If you don’t want kids, then play it safe and use protection.

As a coat hanger salesman, I fully support abortions as long as they are only done with coat hangers.

That dude on the far right looks like every generic bystander in every famous protest photo of the 20th century.

I really am tired of people pushing their beliefs on others or using religion to pass laws.

I am against abortion, but I would never push my beliefs on others or judge anyone who had an abortion.

“Pro lifers want to protect unborn fetuses so they can grow up to become dead soldiers.” – George Carlin

I saw the picture before the sign and I saw fuck them kids than I read the title as pedophilia city hall

“F*ck them kids” has just sent me into a laughing fit and I can’t stop. Now I need my asthma inhaler.

Why does that one guy in the flannel look like Red Forman and he’s about to say dumbass

First worlds people are funny, they are like “no, i don’t want to deal with a thing i caused and if you think that dont make sense you’re a religious fanatic
“, thats a funny world.

**Fuck them kids

That’s literally what the sign says. Can people here not see or read the ENTIRE sign?

Protests use to work. Now “they the people” have put people in office who don’t care about “We the People”.

The abortion issue is the tip of the iceberg. Wait until the republicans control the senate again. It will take decades to reverse, if ever. Big business and the billionaires own the country. No way a normal person has enough money to fund a campaign.

We’re Screwed

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