[OC] My spouse pit alongside one another this lunch station, as I’m not thoroughly awake when I get up for perform.

[OC] My spouse pit jointly this lunch station, as I’m not completely awake when I get up for get the job done.

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25 replies on “[OC] My spouse pit alongside one another this lunch station, as I’m not thoroughly awake when I get up for perform.”

I thought it was the spot for the kids to grab their afternoon snack, since it looks to be mostly snack foods.

Oh wow. I mean, I’m glad you have a wife that would put all of this together for you but you need a more balanced diet. Even middle school me would have looked at this spread and wondered where the actual fucking food is.

Nothing on that shelf is actual food. The intent is sweet but execution leaves something to be desired.

Because you’re not fully awake….? Sounds like an excuse lol, make your own lunch! Or wake up earlier, seriously. Takes five minutes to make a sandwich

Uh. Is there healthier stuff somewhere?? Like a hidden fridge for you? Like the healthiest thing there are the oranges?

This would be great as a stoner stop, but I wouldn’t want all this for lunch, I’d feel like shit.

My wife did something different, she started reminding me in the evening to pack a lunch for the next day. Turns out, that’s pretty easy.

Just fyi since everyone’s pointing out the amount of processed foods. There are a couple of subs that have really good meal prep ideas that are quick if you’re interested like r/eatcheapandhealthy and r/mealprep . Salad/grain bowls and lunchbox style meals that are pretty easy,quick, and customizable. Pre-sliced/chopped fruit and veggies with yogurt dip, hummus, or salsa as snacks are also a good option. Everything in moderation or 80/20 is typically a good rule, but you might be following that anyway since this is just one pic!

Sent this to my wife since I have the same issue and she responds with:

“Lol its sooooo easy to go down that path. But you are a grown up and can take care of yourself!”

And I completely agree. My fault if I don’t eat lunch that day.

My wife is phenomenal and extremely considerate, but this is my problem, not hers.

Maybe you’re having trouble getting quality sleep and waking up in the morning because your diet appears to consist of 100% snackfoods? The thought of your wife doing this and leaving love notes is very cute, just make sure you do right by her and live a full and happy life together instead of dying from diabetes early

Is this the “treats” section of your lunch, or the main course? Judging by the foods here, I can see why you’re having trouble waking up in the morning. Filling your body with KD, skittles, and pudding for lunch isn’t doing you any favors.

You’re an adult man who can’t pack a lunch without your wife setting up a station for you? The notes are adorable, but you should be able to manage this. Go down on your wife a lot, I think she deserves it.

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