[OC] Despite owning significantly decreased wages, Mexicans have been paying additional than Us citizens to fill up their tanks for years, right until now.

[OC] Inspite of possessing much decreased wages, Mexicans have been spending much more than People in america to fill up their tanks for decades, until finally now.

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37 replies on “[OC] Despite owning significantly decreased wages, Mexicans have been paying additional than Us citizens to fill up their tanks for years, right until now.”

For price/L its really cheap. Since 2 years we pay more than 1,40€/L in germany. Today’s Price 2,02€/L.
I know, this statistics show how’s the price gap between usa to mexico, but i felt like tell you that.

Taking purchasing power into account, mexican gas is about what, six times more expensive than the states.

1.7cad/l where I live.

Americans need to stfu about gas prices.

They should easily be able to afford it anyway with the amount they save on taxes and not having to pay for universal health care.

Americans just need to learn to save more and eat less avocado toast


*laughs in mexican*


Im not even mexican, but i know how to laugh in Mexican

I live in a country where 1,7€/litre and the wage is close to 646€/month. I love to see how the Americans crying if they earn a waaaaay more and the gas prices are cheaper lol

Should learn what developed and developing countries have been doing to reduce their reliance on gas.

Public transportations.

Of course they pay more. Mexico is a poor country with a corrupt government, rating a [33/100]( on’s corruption perceptions index. That means their government steals/wastes/misuses more of the funds drawn from taxes, and fuel taxes are very inexpensive to levy, and virtually impossible to avoid.

I’d imagine it’s because the US government pays all the subsidies to oil companies to keep prices low

Americans don’t know how good they have it. Look at the purchasing power of the average latin American, and consider that they usually also need to pay huge import duties and tariffs on most manufactured products… An iphone in the US costs $1000, the same phone in Colombia at least 50% more. I’ve heard the import duties in Brazil are insane.

It’s because state-controlled Pemex (90%+ of Mexican oil production) is a horribly run enterprise and Mexico has been trying to cut off foreign investment in favor of internal oil and gas development. Unfortunately they never tackled the corruption within Pemex first.

Every project they touch turns into cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Mexico’s government is a intermittent quasi narco-state. Why would this data encourage anyone? Misery loves company?

A lot of cities in Mexico are more compact and walkable. For example, Mexico City has an extensive subway system, and even then a lot of places are walkeable, unlike in many US cities with suburban sprawl. Not saying that it is relatively cheaper in Mexico, but one can get around easily without a car, and even with a car, driving distances aren’t too far in general

making the comparison in dollars is rather useless, the correct way to approach this issue is comparing gas price vs the median wage in each country

Fellow Americans, I have done the Google on our behalf:

1 gallon = ~3.8 liters

$.60/liter = $2.27/gallon
$1.10/liter = $4.16/gallon

I’m so confused by the point of this data and the comments. Is America just supposed to accept their inflation and falling economy because the rest of the world is already like this? Who would want that for themselves or their country?

For everyone pointing out the prices of gas in their countries, minimum wage in Mexico is at 8.7$ USD (7.99€) per day. Around 160€ monthly after taxes. But in average, people make 450€ after taxes so please take Mexican wages into consideration when making comparisons. Costs of living are obviously variable between countries but salaries in Mexico are a joke.

American here, how many BigMacs in a litre? Is that like 1/100th of a giraffe? That’s metric right?

And now we need to feel sorry? The normal gas prices in Europe before the pandemic were higher then your highest price right now.. Now we pay like $2.20 a liter

Weird I remember gas being super cheap in Mexico. But then again I was comparing it to Canadian prices

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