Notorious B.I.G. in a street battle rap at age 17.

Notorious B.I.G. in a street battle rap at age 17.

Notorious B.I.G. in a street battle rap at age 17.
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Thanks to /u/carlden3 for providing better info.

>Close enough – this is actually from his song β€œguarenteed raw” (which obviously was released after this freestyle). The verse goes like this:

>Competition ripper ever since 13! Used to steal clothes was considered a thief, Until I started hustlin on Fulton Street. Makin’ loot! – Knockin’ boots on the regular, Pass the microphone I’m the perfect competitor. Jewels and all that! – My clothes is all that! Chumps steppin’ to me. – That’s where they took a FALL at! [scratches] B.I.G. without burner. – That’s unheard of I stay close to mine like Tina on Turner. Quick to smother! – A punk motherfucker. Undercover, word to mother. – I’m above ya! And I love ya! – Cause you’re a sweet bitch! A crazy crab, you might make my dick itch! I flow looser than Luther! Words ya get used ta, B.I.G. is a born – trooper! Like ice cream I scoop ya! – My music you wanna get loose ta Stay pimp, and I’m not a booster! [scratches] So what’cha got to say? – This mackin’ word is bond There’s no other assumption. – I got it goin’ on! I’m not conceited, my friends tell me this Even my mother – be noddin her head to this. Makes her proud to see her one son get loud Flip on a sucker! – And bow to the crowd! Drink a little Hennessy, smoke a blunt or 2 or 3 or 4, Live in action, guaranteed RAW!

*Peace to Mateo*

*Now he smoke weed like Tony Montanya sniff the yayo*

*thats crazy blunts, mad hells*

*my voice excels through avenues to jail cells*

*oh my god im droppin shit like a pidgin*

*I hope yer listening, I ‘m smackin babies at their christening.*


Could you imagine going to HS, and Biggie, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z are all there rapping? it must have been surreal. Also this area of the world, this time period, was a hotbed and produced some the greatest rappers all time.

Wutang is for the children!

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