North Korea’s Explosive Covid Outbreak: 820,620 Scenarios In 3 Times

North Korea’s Explosive Covid Outbreak: 820,620 Cases In 3 Days

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It wasn’t in 3 days they just hid it, with they’re population and density I don’t think that’s even possible it’s not India. As well as having to test 820,000 means that there are more that have not been tested.

It’s hard to believe NK unfortunately. Kim could simply be seeing the $Billions in aid other nations are getting for Covid, so has authorised either made up numbers or simply the releasing of the real numbers. We’ll never know for sure.

Sounds bad. Hopefully they can get some help soon. Perhaps a good chance at garnering a little diplomatic good will.

Things are getting worse for them. With a malnourished population, no healthcare even the mild cases will be bad.

If this highly dubious claim is accurate, then NK’s population of 25 million is in serious trouble, and it may not be able to recover from it.

When a country that covered up the mass starvation death of millions admits that something is amiss, they are deep in sh*t

Yea this has been going on for a while you dont get to 1 mil cases in 3 days from 1 case this has been there for months if not years they lied till they couldnt

With a state like North Korea, where the government has a history of imprisoning and murdering people for much less, imagine the real or perceived danger of self reporting a fever. The amount of under reporting must be insanely high.

We are about to see what unrestricted Covid looks like in a medical backwater without vaccines. Like North Korean don’t already have the most miserable existence.

That is *not* looking good… it’s beyond the point where containment has any effect, and it’s lose in an unvaccinated and malnourished population.

I honestly think they’ve had it for a while and finally are admitting shit is bad now and out of their capabilities

He can shoot a hole in one every time while golfing. Surely he can come up with a cure. Being god like and all.

And so to celebrate and distract, we should expect their 7th nuclear test any day now.

Man season 2022 of earth is definitely making a run at beating seasons 2020 and 2021. And it’s not even sweeps week yet.

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