[NO SPOILERS] 10+ yrs, Tamzin nonetheless not able to say she received dumped for not wanting to do nudity.

[NO SPOILERS] 10+ yrs, Tamzin even now unable to say she bought dumped for not seeking to do nudity.

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All this talk about nudity, I completely understand Emilia being pressured to show nudity she was 22 and hadn’t had much acting experience and I respect her for doing it even if it was uncomfortable and she wasn’t the only actor that did it. Nudity and sex is a part of the show and the world and it’s much more light then the subject matter in the book.

I respect that as she grew as an actor, Emilia was like “nah, not anymore” and everyone else said “that’s cool”. Feels like progress in the industry that actors are gaining bodily autonomy.

*Edit*: boy this pulled some serious neckbeardery out of the woodwork.

It’s not easy to deal with such a life changing moment. She got replaced, because the chemistry between her and Jason was missing. That gave Emilia the opportunity to play the role of her life. She hit jackpot.

It’s actually pretty brave for her to have backed out.

New actresses get taken advantage of all the time in ‘the business’. They either aren’t told how to advocate for themselves or the weight of expectation forces them into uncomfortable/dangerous situations.

There’s a general understanding that no one person wants to be the reason a production gets shut down. Hundreds of people lose their jobs with no guarantee of getting another. So if someone writes you naked on a horse or someone from the studio gets handsy with an unwanted hug, you go with it because you don’t want to rock the boat.

Furthermore a lot of ‘the business’ works through word of mouth. You get labeled difficult and then no one wants to hire you. No one wants to employ a person that could tank a production, even if the reason is justified.

And to be fair they’re definitely going to be justified. Actors work over 14 hrs a day depending on the shoot, 7 days a week. Often in conditions that don’t take in the actor’s safety or comfort.

At the height of Uma Thermans career she was nearly killed on a production of kill bill because of an improperly planned car stunt. She was pressured into it and nearly died. That happened on a multimillion dollar production with one of the most famous directors on the planet.

And we don’t hear about it until later because they go along with it in order to get the production done. So they can continue to pay rent.

So good on Tamzin, and I hope she’s able to have a career after this.

Rant over.

Considering Tamzin did nudity for “Carnival Row” which was after GoT, I sorta doubt this allegation.

I’m more inclined to believe the “lack of chemistry with Momoa” part myself.

I must say I was never quite happy they recast the roles. Emilia is stunning but she doesn’t look a lot like the Daenerys I imagined. Tamzin is much closer, just like Jennifer Ehle would have made a fine Catelyn.

I support that. Picture it like this, you are an actor , you get a pilot, you do some stuff and find out the roll has things in it you don’t want to do.


so you leave. You also sign an NDA so you can’t talk about behind the scenes stuff, which is common. 10 years seems like a long time now but HBO had higher hopes for the franchise so originally i could see that being an okay timeline.


now that D&D ruined the shows universe and killed interest in the shows spinoffs, ten years does seem a little harsh.

Tamzin Merchant did nudity in *The Tudors* and *Carnival Row.*. Her problems with the Drogo/Dany scene were definitely more nuanced than just nudity.

It’s strong if a woman wants to go nude, it’s strong if a woman doesn’t want to go nude . If it’s strong either way. Then it doesn’t matter , if it’s in the story then the director should get a woman whose comfortable to do said scene .

She was in the Tudors and I absolutely loathed her character, she was really annoying

Emilia is much more attractive and believable as a targaryen. Tamzin is not nearly as attractive she’s quite hideous I’m sorry to say

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