No Man’s Sky Outlaws Trailer

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Trailer

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I never got myself to stick with this game beyond the first 30 min every time I tried it in gamepass but at this point I feel obligated to buy it just for the sake of paying for it.

Looks great. Unfortunately the game is unplayable for me right now because my resources keep disappearing in refiners

Have there been any more details on this yet? I hope it’ll introduce more combat stuff, that would be awesome.

Again with this game it’s all sizzle and no steak. A guy in a cape running around a station with nothing to do. Hopping into a cool looking ship that’s functionally the same as everything else. That’s it.

I love what they keep adding but I would really like to see a massive meaty update based on the content already in..

Like so many mechs etc.. but they are pointless.. Taming is kind of pointless.

I feel like an incredibly geared pirate faction that takes over some planets making mechs / armor etc.. worth.

Oooh. Maybe this is motivation to give NMS another shot


Really enjoyed one of the seasonal events. The one that tried to focus a lot more on planetary exploration rather than immediately putting you in a ship. Fell off shortly after getting into space but was fun.


I think for me the main issue is that the core game is just aimless. I really enjoy learning alien languages. I really don’t enjoy setting up a base station on dozens of faceless planets as I aimlessly meander around to maybe eventually go toward the core. And whereas I LOVE exploration in games like Elite Dangerous (got plenty of first discoveries. Should go back someday for first steps), in NMS it just always felt pointless.

I have it and have played it for a while, but now it’s uninstalled. The problem I find is it’s skeleton structure, it’s so simple that even adding stuff the core gameplay still lacks. It’s fun and all, but I disagree with so many mechanics that I just prefer to wait for the Bethesda space game instead

actually curious as to how they’ve been able to update the game for so long, are there really enough people buying it every year to keep them going cuz if they’re barely scrapping by I’d rather they move on and do something new to get by

This really seems like another ‘side’ thing you can do without it being properly intergrated into the core gameplay loop.

Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but are those all new ship designs? They all looked like ships I’ve never seen before but didn’t specifically say new ships.

I feel this game lacks something, but I can’t put my finger on it. I played maybe 20 hours, and the gameplay is fun but there is just something missing. I feel like there should be some big milestone to achieve. I’m comparing this to subnautica or valheim where I couldn’t put the game down for weeks, whereas in NMS there is nothing epic or memorable. It’s not a bad game, but I couldn’t even tell my friends what it’s about to get them to play it. I really really wish I could “get” it, every update I get this fear of missing out, but then I go back and it feels like the same old pointless grind.

So much to love about this game, yet it does itself 0 favors with crappy core systems. I played for 25 hours and just dropped off. I could not for the life of me understand why inventory management was so hardcore here. Or why building storage is gatekept for SO long.

Again you start off with some incredibly unintuitive systems and a piss poor showing for a first time player (oh you have 2 free slots? Well to build this thing it requires 3 items to separately build then use for the final item build, no we can’t just flow chart down to build the final item you want in one process even if you technicaly can make the other needed parts)

Never once felt the systems in NMS were intuitive. From building to inventory management to stack limits to everything else. Even loot rarely feels satisfying. I’d rather they just double downed on making more interesting content in planets to explore like native tribes. Warring factions. Towns. Etc.

Oh man I’ve been wanted to play this game since day one.
Makes me very happy that they turned it around and are continuously breathing new life into the it !

Is there any multiplayer content in no mans sky to do? Thinking of trying out the game but it would be cool if there was multiplayer stuff to do

Is there a real game in here with objectives, progression and end-game or is this still primarily a cool exploration sandbox? I can never tell from reading about it or watching videos. I wanna try all the work they put in but I need the former to be in place before I can enjoy it.

I like NMS, I got my money’s worth out of it. But I can’t play it for longer than an hour or two. It just feels so shallow. I have a lot to do, oh so much to do – but why am I doing these things? It’s like an ocean but the ocean is 2 inches deep.

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