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No description wanted

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Lmao yikes. I can say with 100% certainty that I have never and will never have the urge to fuck anyone underage, ik crazy take

Well hopefully he’ll enjoy the mop handle party they’ll throw for him if he ever follows through with his noncery.

Terrifying that this guy is just out there…. somewhere in the world… no way of actually knowing which person it is… could be the person next to me on the bus… who knows

Jesus Christ. Imagine posting this and in your mind believing that the whole of society would suddenly look up and say “Wait, you too Steve? Tracy? I’m so glad this is out in the open”

No. 14-15 year-olds are not attractive. They’re children. Disgusting.

I agree with him I am very attracted to 14-15 year olds. That mainly because I am one but yeah…

It’s safe to say that we all were attracted to minors at least once in our lives (unless you’re asexual/aroace). Specifically when we were *their age.*

yes, a literal underdeveloped body is *perfect* for that, you’re totally not mentally ill or anything

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m constantly flabbergasted by how young people look who are in their first couple years of college / working at restaurants around me. I’m less than 10 years older than most of them, but they might as well be children. I can’t even imagine how messed up you have to be to want to hook up with people even younger than them

How does a 15 year old have the perfect body? Undeveloped everything and mostly their fucking brain, I don’t want a child to take care of I want a woman

I turned my brother in law in for having sex with a 15 year old. They couldn’t make that charge stick but they were able to get him for child porn and he did 5 years.

I’m 32 and rarely even see someone in their early twenties as attractive (because they are too young for me) so idk what this guy is on 😂

Besides child-fuckin, I guess

Ephebophilia IS more common that people like to admit or think about. It is greatly more common than pedophilia. But it is still far from being the norm. But of course people like this always just assume they’re the normal.

As a 38 year old lady, this makes me want to vomit. Definitely would not want a man thinking this about 15 year old me. Or anyone else.

This is the mindset of somebody who is still intellectually immature and thinks that all people are really the SAME, so if they want something others must too.

At some stage in development, you start to realize that other people aren’t just copies of you in different clothes.

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