Nicely, which is a negative day at work for that dude…

Nicely, that is a undesirable day at operate for that male…

Well, that’s a bad day at work for that guy… from Wellthatsucks

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As it caught fire I’m like “please don’t be using the old school mexican ‘leaning on a single looped rope’ technique” and i was bitterly disappointed

I climb wood poles, never been on one that was on fire, but goddamn man if there is fire you gotta go! Fuckin guy sat there for a while and did nothing.

I saw the height and INSTANTLY my anxiety kicked in and i had to hold on to something.

My fear of heights has reached unprecedented levels.

Ni gloves either, imagine having to grab that hot ass tree to climb down knowing it’s there burn or die.

Most decent chainsaws have spark suppressors in the exhaust..

Good maintenance of your equipment is essential

What decision would you make :

1) try to get away from the fire by pushing yourself away from tree, and slowly climb down, while your rope is already melting to point that you would fall off the tree any moment and might end with severe injury or even death.


2) Hug the tree tight , because you can’t trust the ropes and climb down slowly, while letting yourself burning alive.

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