New centre field grass style 🔔🔔

New centre subject grass style 🔔🔔

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19 replies on “New centre field grass style 🔔🔔”

I like it! Little touches like this can really add to the feel of a stadium, so I’m all for trying new stuff.

I’ve always wanted a grass bell in center!

Now print the Phillies word mark behind the plate.

I’m surprised it’s the bell and not a fanduel/barstool/draftkings/etc logo that they cram down our throats at every opportunity!

Imagine telling the people at Pass and Stow back in 1753 that one bell they made would become the most famous bell in the world, perhaps.

I dig it for a series or two something different but prefer the clean look to the regular outfield.

The giant illuminated Liberty Bell above the outfield is enough Bell for me.

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