Netflix buyers canceling assistance ever more incorporates extended-time period subscribers

Netflix shoppers canceling assistance significantly includes lengthy-time period subscribers

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So they gained a lot of subscribers during pandemic ( no shit) but losing a small % of long term users.

I honestly wonder if the amount they paid for friends and Seinfeld would have been better use for new projects than this hunt for password sharing and price increase.

I had netflix for 10 years or something now.

Im not paying for it ever again, unless they go back and un-cancel all the great shows the killed for no reason.

I’ve had Netflix for years but am on the brink of canceling. If they really start running commercials that’s a deal breaker. I will not pay any amount of money, not a dime, for media that contains commercials. I’ll die on that hill.

No duh. Why even pay for a streaming service if you get ads, have to pay a higher price for high quality streaming, and are charged extra for sharing your account?

It’s like streaming services are devolving into cable, but worse.

Canceled last month after something like 10 years. It’s too much $ for how much the quality has dropped

Death by a thousand paper cuts is still death. I’ve been a member since the “3 DVDs at a time” days. And I’ve bled enough.

Let’s see how this experiment in the “go to hell,” school of customer service ends up. It is most definitely a bold strategy, Cotton.

Isn’t it great that after all this development, we’ve almost gone full circle and back to cable and satellite TV of the 90s.

I.e. pay a lot for a whole lotta services you don’t want, whilst being inundated with adverts and commercials.

Give it a couple of years and the convenience factors that drove iTunes and Netflix will be gone again, and we’ll be back to pirate city like the early 2000s…

And then it begins again. The market learns nothing

The last price increase did it for me. Netflix was already more expensive than Disney + and Prime combined, and I watched Netflix the least.

I’d quit mine but my brother and his fiance use it, I in turn get to use their Disney+. So it’s a fair trade.
I also rent a room from them so it’s all under the same house, but apparently that isn’t going to fly soon for Netflix so I’ll probably drop them if they make it too hard for us to share one account under one roof.

Too much competition, too little content. I personally enjoy seeing dominant companies fail. Hopefully in my lifetime I will see the fall of Amazon and Walmart.

I’ll be canceling after they finish The Crown. I have the 4 screen subscription so my siblings can use my Netflix account, but they don’t have any new content I’m interested in anymore. Everything has gone to other streaming services that I have, so it’s redundant to have Netflix now.

I just got hbo max and I cancelled Netflix. Hbo Max is slightly cheaper and has better content.

I haven’t cancelled because I can still share access and trade it off with other subscriptions from my family. The minute they stop me doing that then it’s cancelled.

Raise fees? I might cancel my subscription.

Cancel shows on my watchlist? Probably cancel subscription.

Ads on a subscription service? Guaranteed cancel.

All the above? Laugh at your ignorance and enjoy the extra money in my pocket.

* Netflix now has crap-tons of competition
* Netflix is constantly canceling good series
* Netflix has worse and worse line-ups
* Netflix constantly raising prices

Board Members: “Why are we losing subscribers?”

Netflix: “Password sharing!”

This is a case of more publicity actually working out negatively. People weren’t thinking about their Netflix subscription because it’s always been there. Now Netflix has made people question, “Do I need this?” And increasingly those users are answering “No.”

Netflix diluted their own brand so badly.

When they first started producing original content the pitch was “Check *this* shit, we’re making Hollywood-tier movies” and pretty much you felt compelled to want to check them out on the basis that you trusted they were throwing considerable production effort behind them.

Then they shifted to the “greenlight everything, cancel after 2 seasons” model which again, at first was kind of interesting because it did get a lot of creative and novel stuff out that would have otherwise never been produced.

But eventually they’ve wound up in a place where the little red N is just as likely to mean ‘high quality original production’ as it is ‘literally the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen in your life’ and that’s just a bad place to be, especially against the reality that over time users more or less out-watch the pace at which good new content can be made.

At the same time, they let licenses expire on a lot of non-Netflix content while competitors stepped up with compelling services. End result, Netflix is flooded with red N content that the user basically has no idea if it’s worth their time.

A simple ‘fix’ would be rebranding and making imprints instead of placing everything under the N banner, but it’s probably too little and too late for that.

Cancelled after Marvel shows ended and came back during Covid lockdowns and canceled again. No one wants to watch a bunch of originals that have no resolutions.

I unsubbed last week and I saw that I was a customer since 2009. Kind of crazy that it’s been that long, but the service isn’t worth $15+ a month to me. In part, I kept it so long because I have a friend who doesn’t have any family so I gave him our password. The added fee for keeping him made me salty. Now we got HBO added to Hulu and we are already getting better content.

Also, they didn’t really seem to care when I left? I’ve unsubbed to a few streaming services over the years and they are always like “PLEASE WAIT here is another month” or “30% off a membership if you stay” or “Here is a cheaper option, we know it’s expensive”. I expected something similar from Netflix but they were just like “K bye”.

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