Nams and Sunshine Happy With New Reward From Peggy Lin Good Health

Nams and Sun Delighted With New Gift From Peggy Lin Great Overall health
Monkey sun and I are quite happy and pleased this is the first time that I obtain a very lovely and particular gift.
with a lot of scrumptious fruit it carries a concept of encouragement to desire monkey solar a speedy restoration.
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Nam and Sunshine spouse and children good day everyone!!
I am a bad farmer, and live with my household, due to the fact of my regrettable instances, when I was 19 several years outdated, I farmer brought a sickness that produced my body not able to go, so for numerous a long time I experienced my mother and sister female . Mother and sister took care of me, Now I have my beloved infant monkey Sunshine, my quiet lifetime has turn out to be beautiful. I will get good care of this buddy. due to the fact this is a god-specified creature to be my friend, !! Thank you for listening and generally subsequent me properly!!


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Monkey sun and I are very happy and happy this is the first time that I receive a very beautiful and special gift

with lots of delicious fruit it carries a message of encouragement to wish monkey sun a speedy recovery

Thank you to the friend who sent the gift from the US

A gift from far away has been sent to wish the sun a speedy recovery

i'm really happy i try to make this video to show my thanks to my friend in america

There is a wedding where I live

Here there is a wedding that will be held to congratulate the bride and groom

sun is also happy that there are so many fruits to choose from

in a place so far away that you can send me gifts

My family would like to thank

my family would also like to thank everyone around the world for their love

Thank you everyone for always being with family and sharing videos

to make my youtube channel known to everyone.

MonkeyNam, that is so beautiful of her to send you that beautiful arrangement a fruit. You and your family and sun continue many humble blessings and good health🙏🐒👨💕❤💞🤗💖

Magnifique bouquet de fruits vous le meritez vous etes une famille formidable avec un grand coeur pour sun vous lui donnez tellement d'amour au petit sun et il vous le rend bien heureuse de voir sun en bonne sante dieu a entendu mes prieres et je continuerai a prier pour vous. Un bonjour de la france 🇨🇵 que dieu vous benisse. 🙏 Amen. Un gros calin a sun que j'aime du plus profond de mon coeur.💕💞🌹🐒

Ms Peggy , God Bless 🙏🏾you for the precious fruitbouquet you sent for Nam, 👦🏻Sun 🐵and the family . Sun 🐵says thanks by enjoying the healthy fruit.
The color of his Sun his outfit mashes with the nice bouquet . Lots of love for all of you ❣️❤️❣️

It's nice something was sent to cheer nams up but sometimes I see the things that are bought and I wish the money was used better to buy things that would make nams life easier. I think of the things that have been bought. We've seen them used once and never again. Monkeys don't need organic milk powder. The organic powder probably costs twice as much. That money could have been used to help nams purchase an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. I don't believe in giving money/presents to these monkey channels but even I can make an exception in nams case as long as I know the money will be used to enrich and better his life. If everyone were to donate $5 to a gofundme account I think we could get nams either a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. They both go for around $800-$1000 on ebay. I think the scooter would work well for him as they come with a basket which he could use to maybe transport some food from the garden or to carry dishes over to the sink or something. Now the gofundme would need to be run by someone who could be trusted. I do not want to be that person. She might hate me for bringing her name up but Peggy seems to be trusted not only on this channel but others that I watch as well. I believe something like this is honestly a good cause. It's clear to see nams could use one of the items I mention. I am not rich but would gladly donate more than $5 to this cause. I think the money could be raised rather quickly. Any thoughts on the subject?

Hello! I'm so happy for you both. Careful, please, that the little one doesn't eat the sticker labels! This is my first time wAtching you and Sun. This baby is adorable. I like your video and will see you next time. ☔⛅🌈

Слава Богу что на земле еще есть такие прекрасные ,добрые люди мне очень приятно за Ваши душевные комментарии, спасибо вам и Божьего благословения

Not sure if this person is the original owner of sun, but I did some research and ketamine causes kidney dysfunction. Not making any accusations just curious as to sun's past.

What a wonderful gift ! Peggy gives gifts with a lot of thought put into it.
This gift is perfect !
I had to smile seeing Sun looking at all the fruits…he didn't know where to start! I watch Sun, Toling and 6 Fingers ( 6 fingers when Dad had Jolie). These men are handicapped and live very poor and yet they survive. They accept their poverty and live very humble. I have lived my life going without a lot of luxuries so I can sympathize. A pkg sent to them is a wonderful thing to help them cope somewhat. Toling and his dad loved the pool. Thank you Peggy for helping these dads out. Words can't express how I feel gratitude
to you sending thoughtful useful things.

Wow what a beautiful and delicious arrangement! Little Sun has his appetite back its so nice to see Nam smiling and Sun eating just like from the very beginning ❤😊🙏✌🖐

Ms.Peggy Lin you are such a very generous person ❤ to 🐒family.i always read 📚 your name at yoyo family 👪 and helping the orphanage ❤😍🤩now its sun and nam turn.thank you.God bless 🙌 you more❤❤❤🐒❤❤❤🐵👍😍🤩🐵

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